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Weekend Recap…

This weekend included:

+ the fourth Friday 5K race
Distance: 5K/3.1 miles
Time: 30:12 (gun time… my chip wasn’t picked up at the starting line)
Pace: 9:43/mile

+ a bachelorette party
– limo riding
– champagne drinking
– game playing
– flair wearing
– wine tasting
– picnicking
– pole dancing (we took a Pole Pressure class, which was a serious workout… my quads and upper back were so sore yesterday)
– pasta (from Carmine’s) and caramel pretzel chocolate cupcake** eating

+ Orioles-Yankees game
– amazing catch in the outfield
– two players thrown out at the plate
– extra innings (free baseball!)
– crazy lightning
– rain delay in extras (seriously, as if my weekend wasn’t busy enough, we got a doubly-extended baseball game!)

How was your weekend?

** I made two attempts at the caramel pretzel chocolate cupcake. The first was not so good (adding a caramel-pretzel center… the pretzels got soft during baking), so Adam brought them to a co-worker who lives in the building, figuring drunk, video game playing, 20-something guys wouldn’t turn down mediocre cupcakes. The second one was better (and received good reviews at the party, even being described as “decadent”) but I am hesitant to post the recipe, because (a) this version was a “semi-homemade” hack job I threw together post-race on Friday night, and (b) I have other ideas on how to improve it, beyond actually making the components from scratch.


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