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I published my first blog post In July 2003, just after finishing my first year of law school. It feels like a lifetime ago. I’ve graduated law school, passed two bar exams, had three real jobs, started dating Adam, got married, bought a house, and am now having a baby this summer.

When I first started blogging, I wrote constantly. I wrote about politics and legal issues that interested me. I wrote about law school and how frustrating it was to try to find a job. I wrote about going out with my friends… there were tipsy posts and hungover posts. I wrote about living in D.C. I wrote random thoughts as they popped into my head. I wrote nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Sometime, around four or five years ago, my blogging frequency slowed down. I’d started working at a real job and even though I kept my website fairly anonymous (I mean, there are enough details you could find out my full name and probably where I work if you wanted to, but it’s not directly googlable), it seriously curbed the way that I wrote. I became much more guarded.

Also, as I got older, life became much more settled, routine. I go to work, I go to the gym (well, less often than I should these days), I have dinner with my husband, we watch some television or pick up around the house, we go to bed. Weekends consist of chores, errands, house projects… and hopefully finding time to meet up with friends. These things all make for a wonderful life, but they don’t make for exciting stories.

A couple of years ago, I tried to see if I was just intimidated by the sheer number of posts on my old website, knowing I couldn’t keep up with that anymore. I shut that one down, moved a handful (by comparison) of those old posts over to here, and tried to start over again. It didn’t matter. I still wasn’t inspired to write here. I’ve kept it up (minimally) the past few years because I have made some actual connections with people through the internet and I love that aspect, but really? Most of that has been through Twitter, not this blog that I post to once, maybe twice a month. (Although I would not have joined Twitter or found a community on there without having this blog in the first place.)

It’s time to pull the plug. I’ve realized that some things just naturally run their course. I struggled for a while with this, because I felt like I was admitting defeat, being a quitter. I worried I’d miss it after having this piece of the internet for nearly ten years. You know what? Maybe I will miss it. Maybe one day I’ll be inspired to write every day, or at least every week, and have interesting things I want to share. But right now, I just write filler because I feel guilty for neglecting this space and what’s the point of that?

It’s been a good run, but I’ve reached the finish line. Now it’s time to pack up and move on to what’s next.



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Once again, I am going to be participating in Mission: Put Together for the month of May. RA added a new (voluntary) twist this year of a 31X31 challenge, which is to choose 31 items to create 31 outfits for the 31 days of M:PT. I decided to sort-of participate in the 31X31 challenge this year, although with my limited maternity wardrobe, I’m likely not going to hit all of the individual 31 challenges. (Mixing patterns and ruffles on a weekend are two challenges I probably won’t meet.) But I actually don’t think it’ll be too tough keeping my wardrobe within the 31 items… there’s actually a chance I won’t even get to every item of clothing I have here.

Here are my personal 31X31 guidelines:

  • Counting in my 31 items: tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, cardigans, blazers, shoes.
  • Limiting myself to 13 accessories (not including my “everyday jewelry” — watch, wedding and engagement ring, tanzanite ring, swarovski stud earrings).
  • Not included in 31 items: workout clothes, underthings (including camisoles and socks), loungewear and pajamas, everyday jewelry, jackets and coats that go over the actual outfit and come off indoors.
  • Pregnancy exception: If I truly outgrow something on the list during the month of May (not just get tired of it, but I actually cannot wear it anymore — this may happen with pants or jeans, since I only have the “underbelly” styles), I can do a one-for-one swap. I’ll let you know if/when this happens.

And here’s my list of items (I didn’t have time to take photos):

[4/30/13 — Updated because my LOFT order arrived, so I changed a few things. But it’s not May 1 yet!!]

Pants and Shorts:
1. Black GAP pants
2. Grey GAP pants
3. Old Navy jeans
4. Seraphine black shorts

Skirts and Dresses:
5. Old Navy grey foldover skirt
6. Seraphine black pencil skirt
7. Seraphine jean skirt
8. Motherhood Maternity pattern dress
9. LOFT black polka dot dress (ordered – if this doesn’t fit, will swap out with something else) (It fits! Hurrah!)
10. Old Navy purple maxi press
11. Old Navy navy eyelet dress
12. Old Navy orange eyelet dress

13. Pea in the Pod black modal 3/4 sleeve shirt
14. Pea in the Pod blue modal SS shirt
15. Pea in the Pod green modal SS shirt
16. Motherhood Maternity grey circle blouse
17. Motherhood Maternity black dot blouse
18. LOFT patterned shirt (ordered – if this doesn’t fit, will swap out for something else) (Turns out, this was black and beige, not black and white, which made it super boring. It’s getting returned.) Banana Republic blue lace shell. (This is non-maternity, so we’ll see how far into the month this shirt actually makes it, but I don’t plan to take advantage of the “pregnancy exception” above for this one.)
19. Motherhood Maternity black tank
20. Old Navy aqua and white stripe tee
21. Old Navy pink pattern tank

Cardigans and Blazers:
22. J Crew Factory black open cardigan
23. J Crew Factory purple open cardigan
24. Old Navy maternity white crew-neck cardigan (ordered – if this doesn’t fit, will swap out for something else)
25. NY&Co grey open cardigan
26. NY&Co black blazer
27. NY&Co grey blazer

28. Black wedges (Calvin Klein)
29. Black flats (I may swap these out for a different pair of shoes if I don’t need these for my dresses.) (Anne Klein) (Don’t need it with my new dress, so I’m taking these out.) Land End Canvas turquoise cardigan. (okay, yes, this should be in the category above, but I didn’t feel like screwing with my numbering)
30. Red heels (Calvin Klein)
31. Black flip flops (Reef)

13 accessories:
1. turquoise rocks necklace (Francesca’s Collections)
2. blue ball necklace (Banana Republic)
3. pearl earrings (gift)
4. gold link necklace (Limited – I think)
5. gold disc earrings (also Limited – I think)
6. grey stone necklace (Banana Republic)
7. grey stud earrings (gift)
8. black station necklace (made by Adam’s mom)
9. black drop earrings (Old Navy)
10. coral bead necklace (NY&Co)
11. black & turquoise bead necklace (made by Adam’s mom)
12. red pattern scarf (J Crew Factory)
13. purple pattern scarf (J Crew Factory)

My maternity work wardrobe is pretty boring, on purpose. My work clothes are almost entirely black and grey, with some jewel-toned tops and cardigans. It’s pretty expensive to build a whole new work wardrobe from scratch, which is essentially what I had to do since my previously pregnant friends who were also my size didn’t work in business-wear offices. I was able to get one of the dresses at a consignment sale, but I’ve relied mostly on Old Navy, GAP, Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood Maternity (almost everything on sale). I splurged on a few Seraphine items (with coupon codes), because I was having a terrible time finding a pair of shorts or a pencil skirt that fit me properly and, well, the jean skirt is just cute and it’s hard to feel cute while pregnant. Anyway, I kept my work wardrobe pretty boring in the hopes it’d somehow be less obvious I was wearing the same things over and over and over again. (Also, dark colors are less likely to highlight the bump.)

I ended up putting jeans on the list, because it’s been a bit cool lately. They are not exactly comfortable anymore as my belly has gotten bigger in the last few weeks, but I refuse to buy a pair over the over-belly style jeans when it’s going to be 90 degrees here any day now. I know as soon as I’d spend the money on that, I’d never get to wear them again. So, I’m hoping I won’t have to wear them in May (or ever again this pregnancy), but there’s a good chance I will, so I put them on there.

I probably should have had another pair of casual shoes on there other than my Reefs, but those are the casual shoes I wear pretty much all summer. My black flats aren’t really all that comfortable, but they are on there until the LOFT dress arrives in the mail and I can see whether I can wear it with heels or not. Maternity dresses tend to be a few inches above the knee on me, which I feel is a little bit short for my office, but wearing them with flats helps to balance that out a bit by not elongating my legs so much. I’m hoping I can swap those out for either my turquoise flats or another pair of nicer sandals, though. (Updated: I swapped them out for… another cardigan. Let’s hope that it’s not too chilly for flip flops on the weekends!)

That’s it! Challenge starts on Wednesday, so you have a few days to join in on the fun!


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Today, I turned 33 on 3-13-13. A palindromic birthday. As my girl Sarah said in the card she sent.

Mid-week and mid-milestone birthdays are kind of lame. We’re actually not doing much to celebrate tonight — work has been too crazy to really plan a fancy dinner (our usual way to celebrate birthdays) for tonight and we’re headed out of town this weekend for a birthday celebration with my fellow March-born college roommates up in Syracuse. My office did have some birthday cupcakes for me at our weekly meeting today. (Technically, they were St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes… that St. Pat is always stealing my thunder. But they were from Wegmans and were DELICIOUS considering I’m not a huge cake person.) I stopped at Caribou Coffee to pick up my free birthday drink. (And accidentally forgot to ask for decaf, so hopefully I’m not up too late tonight!) Thanks to RA‘s inspiration, I’ve got some root beer chilling in the fridge for some birthday floats for dessert tonight. But other than that, it’s a pretty typical day – working late, making stir fry for dinner, probably doing a little laundry and catching up on the DVR in between calls from my family, opening gifts my family sent.

We are going to plan a not-as-fancy dinner date for Friday of next week. We might even go to a movie after!

I guess I’m past the age where birthdays are just an excuse to have a crazy party, but honestly? I think I like it better this way.


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Halfway There…

This Monday, I hit the 20-week mark of the pregnancy, so according to all the books, I’m halfway there.

(I’d like to point out that for the first two weeks of pregnancy, you aren’t even actually pregnant, so there’s really 38 weeks that you are pregnant… which means that halfway would be 19 weeks after those two weeks are up… which would be week “Week 21,” so next week. And then if you factor in that I didn’t even know I was pregnant for the first five/three weeks of my pregnancy (depending on when you consider the pregnancy to start), I only know of the pregnancy for 35 weeks… which means that halfway through the time I actually am aware I’m pregnant would be 17.5 weeks after we found out, so “Week 22.5.” So I may be “halfway there” according to the technical way pregnancy is tracked, but I’m still 2.5 weeks away from being halfway through the emotional roller coaster that comes with actually being pregnant.)

(Not to mention, the 40 weeks is an average and the likelihood of delivering on my due date is pretty minimal.)

(Geez, I wonder if I’m a lawyer or something. Ugh.)

SO! Twenty weeks! We’re halfway there!

(Woah, livin’ on a prayer!)

We had our anatomy scan ultrasound yesterday afternoon. My appointment was scheduled for 3:40 and I was supposed to go over to the other office, a few blocks away, for my actual appointment at 4:15. Well, I didn’t get in to the ultrasound until 4:15 (this is why I try to schedule at the beginning of the day!), so my doctor called me at the office and rescheduled my appointment with her for two weeks later.

The anatomy scan was pretty cool. It went on for about 40 minutes as the tech took all the measurements she needed. It was fun to get to watch the baby hanging out on the screen the whole time… he or she was awake, but not super active. There were a few sneezes (or whatever the equivalent of that is in the womb… it sure looked like a full body sneeze!), a big yawn, and at one point, he or she bopped himself or herself in the head with his or her fist. (You know what? The he/she is getting cumbersome. I’m just going to go with it and ‘fess up that yes, indeed, I spend most of my time referring to my darling child as “It.”) We told the tech we didn’t want to find out the sex and she said she’d tell us to look away when we needed to, but the baby was too lazy and/or shy to show its private bits anyway… it spent the whole exam with its legs crossed and pulled up tight and didn’t budge from that spot. I’m guessing the tech could have maneuvered the ultrasound thing into a better position to attempt to get a look, but since we didn’t want to know, she didn’t bother.

We were able to see a few 3D images, although we didn’t get any of them printed out. The 3D screenshots she got weren’t all that great, anyway. (Neither were the regular screenshots… the “good tech” was out of the office on leave this month, sadly. Well, not sadly for him. He was out because his wife just had a baby.) Anyway, so we didn’t get any good 3D pics to take home, but it was pretty cool to see the 3D live shot. The baby totally has Adam’s high cheekbones. (He also swears there was a dimple in there, too.)

So, here’s a kind of crappy photo of the baby’s profile.


And this was the best of the four printouts we got. Sigh.

It’s hard to tell whether the baby looks much like anyone in this photo, although we can sort of see the resemblance to Adam’s profile even in this photo because we spent so much time looking at the baby’s face during the actual ultrasound. I’m not upset… I think Adam’s pretty darn cute, so fine by me if the baby takes after him!

The only glitch in the ultrasound, which likely isn’t even a thing, is that my amniotic fluid levels were borderline low. The tech had a doctor that was in the office (so, not my doctor) take a look at images and he said it wasn’t anything to be concerned about now, but that my doctor will probably want me to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks to see how it looks then. Until then, I’ll try to up my water intake (which is already pretty high… TMI alert: I peed when I got to the office at 3:35, by the time I got into the exam at 4:15, the tech told me to go again because my bladder was full and the ultrasound needed to be done while it was empty, and by the end of the exam, she noted that it was full again… so she didn’t think my water intake was the likely culprit). The doctor said not to worry, so I’m not… I’m just seeing it as a bonus 24 week ultrasound, because if everything had checked out A-okay, I might not have had any more until possibly the very end, if at all!


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