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Goals for 2013

I know we’re already a week into the new year and I’m not really sure that goals is the right word for here (resolutions? aspirations? to-do list?), but here we go… 15 things I’m hoping to get done in 2013.

1. Redo the upstairs bathroom.

2. Figure out how to do a container vegetable garden.

3. Put some art/photos up on the walls… living room, hallway, bedroom… anywhere!

4. Read 12 books. (I feel like this number is pretty lame for most people, but I rarely make the time to read and the list of books I want to read keeps getting longer and longer. One a month seems like a good start without being too overwhelming.)

5. Do more yoga. I’m not really one for yoga classes, but I have several DVDs that I actually really enjoy. I think I’d like to start getting up and doing yoga in the mornings before work a few times a week.

6. Take a beach vacation. Hopefully Jamaica, but Puerto Rico is an option if we can’t get our passports renewed in time.

7. Focus at work.  I get my job done and I do it well, but I know that there are all kinds of opportunities out there that I’m just letting pass me by. This is the year I want to stop coasting and really start making things happening and taking the next step in my career.

8. Take advantage of living in DC.  There are so many awesome things to do around here, but we rarely do any of it unless we have visitors in town. Tops on my list… the re-done National Museum of American History.

9. Look into taking up our awkward deck and putting in a stone patio. (This may end up being a project for next year, but I want to at least see how much time and money this is going to involve.)

10. Look into moving the sliding glass door to the backyard to the dining room. (Again, likely a project for next year, so just want to look into this for now.)

11. Make photobooks — honeymoon, 2011 and 2012 yearbooks.

12. Decide whether we want to make our own wedding album or pay our photographer to do it. Then get it done.

13. Declutter and donate/sell/toss items we don’t use… especially those that have stayed in boxes since we’ve moved.

14. Figure out a cleaning schedule. Related: decide whether we want to hire a cleaning service.

15. Go to bed earlier.



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December Goals…

December is always so hectic, but I LOVE the holiday season so I try to fit in some time to do a few special things each year. This is our first December in our house, so I’m especially looking forward to doing some seasonal decorating (some Christmas, some Hanukkah, some just winter that can stay up for a while). It’s a little hard to get into the spirit when it’s going to be 6o degrees on December 2nd, but here we go…

  • Make fruitcake. My grandparents have had this on their Christmas list for the past few years and last year I claimed it and made it from scratch. It was such a hit that when their list came out yesterday, it said: “Attn: Stephanie – Fruit Cake.” Ha! I’d already purchased all the ingredients before I even received that email!
  • Go to Zoolights
  • Hang Christmas lights outside. This is the first time we get to do this. Yay!
  • Go through our decorations and decorate inside. We’re not going to have a tree this year. Adam doesn’t really want one, although probably wouldn’t fight me on it if I really did. I prefer artificial trees, but we just don’t have place to store one right now. So, we’re just skipping the tree altogether. I did buy some (artificial and reusable) garland to hang over the fireplace and I’m going to go through the rest of my bin to see what we should keep, what we should toss, and what I still want to buy.
  • Host a holiday game night. Basically a regular game night, but with cookies and a hot cocoa or sundae bar, and Christmas music playing in the background.
  • Plan and go on our annual “holidate.” Instead of giving each other gifts, Adam and I usually pick a night in December to go out to a fancy dinner and maybe a show of some sort. Still need to do some research on whether there’s anything we want to see and hope that we can still get a good reservation somewhere.
  • Watch Elf. It seems kind of silly that such a new Christmas movie is one of my favorites, but it cracks me up so much. (“I like to whisper too!”)
  • Take a walk through our neighborhood to see Christmas lights. Our neighborhood association actually gives out a prize for the best decorated house, so I am really hoping the neighborhood gets into it. I can see us bundling up with some travel mugs full of hot cocoa and taking a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner one night.
  • Paint some winter-themed art for above the fireplace. I did this for the fall and now need to come up with something for winter. I already have an idea in mind… just need to execute.
  • Have a quiet night (or several) playing a game next to the fireplace with some hot cocoa or tea. We did this at the B&B we stayed at on vacation (if you substitute “Ben & Jerry’s” for “hot cocoa or tea”) and it was so nice and relaxing. I am so excited to have a fireplace!

(I actually started making this list a week or so ago, but it turns out we’re going to be knocking out the first 3-4 of these items this weekend, since it is so warm out.)


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101 in 1001 – The Official Recap

Back on June 27, 2009, I started the 101 in 1001 project and came up with a list of 101 things I hoped to accomplish in 1001 days. Well, 1001 days have come and gone and I didn’t quite cross everything off, but I actually did better than I expected.

* * * * *

Here are some basic stats…

Items completed:69
Items not completed: 32
Items partially completed: 3
Most successful categories: health and wellness (6/7), blogging (6/7), food (12/12), helping others (5/5), culture (5/5), saving (4/5)
Least successful categories: sports and exercise (4/8), crafts and creativity (2/9), self-indulgence (0/3), D.C. area (1/3)
Things I probably wouldn’t have done without the challenge: run a half marathon (now I’ve run 3!), try a bikram yoga class, make bagels from scratch
Things I really should have done, but didn’t: get a physical, write three more letters, go unplugged for a weekend, do anything under the self-indulgence category, gone one more month without buying clothes

* * * * *

Here’s the list of items I didn’t cross off within 101 days.  I want to make a separate list here, because I’m going to keep up my original list and continue to cross items off, even though I’m beyond the deadline.

5. Make it to the top of the tall rockclimbing wall.
6. Learn to play golf. (by this, I never meant to actually be good at it – just to actually go real golfing, not just to the driving range)
7. Go snowboarding. (will obviously need to wait until next winter)
8. Do a pull-up, unassisted.
15. Get a physical. (I really need to find a PCP.)
16. Write 10 letters to friends. (7/10)
20. Send 5 random care packages to friends. (3/5)
27. Have someone do a guest post on my blog. (Any volunteers?)
32. Organize digital photos on computer.
33. Make back-up digital copies of photos.
36. Learn how to make handmade cards.
37. Make and send 5 handmade cards.
38. Draw in my sketchbook every day for a week.
39. Do a charcoal rendering of a photograph.
41. Make a TasteBook.
43. Learn to make a mosaic.
44. Take an art class.
57. Go unplugged for a weekend — no internet, phone, television.
58. Read a Shakespeare play I haven’t read before.
63. Go to the movies alone. (It’s hard enough to get me to go to the movies with someone.)
64. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry.
65. Have an at-home spa day.
77. Enjoy the views from the top of the Old Post Office building.
78. Tour the National Cathedral.
80. Travel outside the U.S.
84. Ride a rollercoaster.
87. Take a spontaneous weekend trip (decide that week).
91. Go sledding or snowtubing. (Again, need to wait until next winter.)
92. See Cirque du Soleil.
94. Hike a section of the Appalachian Trail. (Hopefully this spring/summer!)
96. See a Supreme Court argument. (Probably next term.)
97. Go an entire month without buying any clothes, 3X. (2/3)

* * * * *

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself for accomplishing as many of the items as I did. Have any of you done the 101 in 1001 project or similar challenge?

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April Goals…

Wow, with the half marathon, my birthday, house hunting, and friends in town, March really flew by. Here’s the recap of my March goals…

1. Try to tackle several of my 101 things in 1001 days. I’m planning to do an official end of 1001 days recap in the next week or so, but I actually only ended up crossing one more thing this month.  But all in all, 68 out of 100 isn’t so bad.

2. Read a book.  I read The Hunger Games in pretty much a single sitting. (30 pages on a Thursday, the rest of it on Saturday.)  It definitely lived up to all of the hype.  I tried to read it so that I could go see the movie with some friends on the Sunday that was the day after I finished it, but then other things came up and I wasn’t able to go anyway. I’m actually glad I didn’t see it right away, because I wanted to just live with the book for a little while before seeing the movie adaptation.  I may still try to go see it while it’s in the theater because I have heard good things, but I also get kind of squeamish watching certain types of violence (pretty much anything to do with sharp objects), so I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy the movie itself just based on that aspect alone.  I have heard mixed things about the last two books, but I am planning on reading both of them. I’m going to add them to the library wait list (which I’m sure is forever long) or borrow them from a friend.

3. Do one non-running workout per week. I did not do this every week, however, in the last week of March I did one day of strength training (and my legs were SORE for days afterward, so I’m definitely out of shape!), one spinning class, and one 20 minute bike ride.

On to April!

1. Go to boot camp at least twice a week. I signed up for a boot camp class through Groupon about a month ago.  I tend to enjoy working out in classes more than solo… at least once I can get over my fear of doing something new. I really need to get back into shape, because pretty much all I do lately is run and my running has actually suffered as a result. Last year, when I was the fastest I’d ever been, I was running, spinning and going to Body Pump regularly. I know that I am going to be SO SORE as a result of boot camp, but I think it might be just the kick in the butt I need to get into shape.  The biggest obstacle? It requires me to get up at 5:30 a.m. Eeek!

2. Clean out my closet. By the end of April, it’ll be just about time to break out all my summery clothes, so I think it’s a good time to go through my wardrobe and clean out those pieces I never wear. I’m really trying to figure out what my sense of style (if I even have one) is by trolling pinterest and polyvore and seeing if there are any looks that I am repeatedly drawn to. I actually did this experiment back in late fall/early winter and thought it worked pretty well, but summer clothes and work clothes are harder. I’d like to have a well edited closet with pieces I really like and can mix and match well. Now, I feel like I sort of haphazardly buy something, wear it a few times, then decide I liked it a lot more in the store or online than in my actual closet.

3. Watch less television. We actually don’t watch a ton of specific television shows, but our problem tends to be that we’ll have the television on as background noise and it’ll kind of suck us in and we end up wasting away our evenings and staying up later than we intended.  So, the plan is that during the week, we can watch The Daily Show with dinner and sporting events (baseball season starts this week!), and then any other shows we watch can be DVR’d and watched on Friday night or the weekend.

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