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Oh, Baby!

Well, I’ve officially spilled the beans on Twitter, so I think I’m now obligated to post something here…

Just a little light reading we’re doing these days…

Yup, I’m pregnant.

And to preemptively respond to the most common questions I’ve gotten…

When are you due? July 22.  (Funny story… I was talking with A’Dell at the Blathering and she mentioned that each year, there’s been one attendee who was pregnant and didn’t know it yet.  Turns out, she was actually talking to this year’s that someone. Crazy!)

How are you feeling? This is where you will all hate me. I have had basically zero morning sickness. I felt pretty nauseous (that is a word I always need auto-correct to help me out with) on the 6+ hour car ride home from Thanksgiving, and there was a week or so where I needed to eat some pretzels immediately upon waking up, but I haven’t actually puked. Then again, I’m just not really a puker in general. Other than getting sick a few times after drinking too much (such proud moments), I haven’t thrown up since having appendicitis in 1992. I’m sure I had a few stomach bugs before then, but I honestly don’t remember them so I’m guessing they were few and far between. (*knocks on all the wood in the surrounding area and hopes I don’t get the third-trimester morning sickness I’ve heard about, because that seems like it would be even worse than the first trimester*)

I did, however, suffer from near-debilitating exhaustion. Seriously, if everyone gets this tired in the first trimester, I have NO idea how people who already have kids to chase after or who don’t have a partner living with them to pick up some slack survive. I would basically come home from work, go straight to the couch, and then not move until bedtime. But of course, despite being so exhausted, I had a terrible time sleeping and would wake up just about every hour or so. (Not to pee, though… my bladder of steel is still holding up for me. I usually don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom until around 5 a.m.) I was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly, but I feel like none of my sleep was actually restful for those 6 weeks or so. Things are much better now… I usually only get up once or twice (which is standard for non-pregnant me), but I am having a hard time finding a comfortable position for falling asleep. I’m usually a stomach or back sleeper, so adjusting to mostly sleeping on my side has been tough. (I find I wake up on my back sometimes, but I’m not too concerned about sleeping on my back for an hour or two during the night.)

Man, pregnancy. Already taking about puking and pee and lack of sleep and the baby hasn’t even arrived. Who am I?

(These are, of course, just the physical symptoms… the emotional adjustment would be lengthy enough for its own post, should I ever get around to it.)

Are you finding out the sex? Nope. Well, I mean, we’ll find out at delivery, but not before then. This has been almost universally met with, “Why?” or “How can you do that?” or “I could never.”

Here’s the thing. I totally, 100% understand why most people want to know ahead of time. For most of them, it is not about wanting it to be a boy or a girl, or needing to plan a nursery that perfect shade of blue, or buying a pink baby carrier. It’s because there is already so much anxiety and there are so many unknowns, that most people want to know this one concrete thing ahead of time. It helps them adjust, makes it seem more real. I totally get that.

And you’d think that being the type of person who often has a hard time adjusting to change, that I would fall into this camp of needing to know the sex of the baby ahead of time. But I am also one of those weird people that really, really, really likes surprises. (Well, good ones.) I never once went searching to find out what my parents bought me for Christmas, I didn’t want to have any idea when a proposal was actually coming when we got engaged (which is why Adam’s proposal was so perfect for me, even if there was no ring at the time), I don’t even want to know where Adam’s taking me for my birthday dinner until I show up. And I think a brand new baby is going to be the BEST kind of surprise… I’m kind of giddy thinking about the “It’s a _____!” moment in the delivery room.



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A Very Busy Friday…

So, as I mentioned last week, Friday was Closing Day!

I needed to have my car inspected this month, so I decided to just take the whole day off on Friday and drop my car off in the morning. It was a gorgeous day, so I went to a nearby coffee shop and enjoyed a coffee and a muffin outside while reading a magazine. I still had some time to kill before the car was ready, so I walked around the neighborhood for a while and then went to the library to renew my library card.  I picked up the car around 11:30 and headed home.

We had our final walkthrough at 1 p.m. and then the actual closing at 2 p.m. The seller actually had all of his paperwork done earlier, so it was just us, our agent, the listing agent, and the real estate attorney. We’d seen most of the documents earlier in the process, so we actually went through them all pretty quickly and we’re done by 2:30! The listing agent handed us the keys (as well as a large baggie of random keys that the seller’s brother – who had actually handled the transaction for him – had found around the house) and we were done!

You might think the first thing we’d do is go right back to our new house. Well, you’d be wrong. See, our friends had tickets to see a Jeopardy taping and doors opened at 4.  Our closing had originally been scheduled for the morning, but after it was pushed back to the afternoon, we were pretty sure we weren’t going to be able to go to the taping. When we got out of the closing at 2:30, Adam asked me if he thought we could still make it. I quickly emailed my friends to make sure they still had the extra tickets, then we went home, dropped off the car, hopped on the metro, and met our friends over at DAR Constitution Hall.

We’d been under the impression that we were supposed to see a taping of the Power Players week. That’s how the tickets had apparently been advertised when my friend signed up to receive them.  Based on the chatter going on around us, we were obviously not the only people there who thought that. So we were at first more than a little disappointed when we got inside and saw “Teen Tournament” on the big screens.

That disappointment did not last long, however.  It turns out we had tickets to see the taping of the two-episode final round. I don’t want to give anything away about the tournament, but I do want to say that if you are a Jeopardy fan, you will want to make sure to tune in for at least these two final episodes, which should air on May 10-11.  Without saying too much, there was a very exciting finish, and at the end of it all, we realized we were probably much more into it watching these three teens play for actual money that meant something to them, than we would have been watching power player celebrities playing for charity.

A very interesting – and if Alex Trebek is to be believed, very rare – thing happened during our taping.  He accidentally read the question (and by that, I mean what the contestants are supposed to say) as part of the answer (that is, what is on the blue screen). (Wow, the Jeopardy format makes this difficult to explain.)  Basically he gave away the correct response while reading his part to the players.  It was very obvious what had happened and everyone with the show sort of scrambled to figure out what they were supposed to do. At first, Trebek was going to just read the next answer under the category, but then the producer (I’m assuming) stopped the taping and cut him off from doing so.  It took the Jeopardy crew probably about 5 minutes to come up with a new answer – what made it even more difficult was that every answer in the category had a map as part of it.  Trebek says that this has only happened about 5 times in all of the years he’s been hosting Jeopardy, and while that seems kind of unlikely (I mean, I’d think it’d be pretty easy to slip up like that when the response is right in front of you), the way everyone with the show acted definitely made it seem like this is a very unusual occurrence, because it wasn’t obvious what they were supposed to do in that situation.

We ended the day with dinner with our friends at a Latin American restaurant near our new(!) house(!)…  of course, I made sure to have a celebratory margarita!


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“Cleared to Close”

We just got official confirmation, so I finally feel comfortable to make the formal announcement…


Closing on Friday… more details on our house-hunt and finding “the one” to come soon!


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How We Spent the Blizzard of 2009…

(Yes, I realize that a post about our huge snowstorm is old news by now, but I haven’t been able to write about it until now. Hope you understand. I’ve got photos to make it up to you!)

Those of you who didn’t live through it firsthand may have heard that DC was hit by a HUGE snowstorm the weekend before Christmas. It started Friday night, and while we were out walking about town (hopping from my work party to a going away party), I told Adam that I wanted to get bundled up and go out and play in the snow on Saturday.

Saturday morning came and Adam and I bundled up… ski pants and jacket, boots, two pairs of gloves, fleece jacket, hat. We took along the camera (in a ziploc bag) and got a couple of fun shots of the snow.
Here’s a shot of the Iwo Jima memorial…

Seriously, how cool is it that this is practically in my backyard? It takes us less than 10 minutes to get over there.

We made snow angels…


We pretended to ride the weird lion statues…

And this

… this would be the spot where Adam tackled me to the ground (gently, there was two feet of snow) and asked me to marry him. (If you angle your computer screen just right, you might be able to see our imprints in the fresh snow.)

I said yes.


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