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Four Eyes

I first got glasses in the third grade. My winter break that year was pretty miserable. I started the vacation with a trip to the eye doctor, where I learned that I was going to need glasses. Then, the day after Christmas, I came down with the chicken pox. I spent the whole winter break quarantined from my friends and wasn’t allowed to go my grandparents’ New Years Eve party… and I’m pretty sure that was the first year I was allowed to stay up until midnight. I only missed one day of school due to the chicken pox, returned to school with what I thought was a hideous chicken pox scar on my arm, and then after my first day back, I had to go to the eye doctor’s office to pick up my new glasses.

I cried that night. A lot. I was not an emotional kid (which is kind of hysterical, considering how emotional I am as an adult), and I don’t have many memories of being upset or crying from childhood, but I remember curling up on the couch with my mom that night, bawling my eyes out because I had to wear glasses to school the next day. (I think I was the second person in my grade to get glasses – Vinny H. came back from winter break with them too, and I remember another concern I had was that everyone would think I was copying him.)

Anyway, I’ve needed corrective lenses of some sort for nearly 23 years now. I don’t hate wearing glasses nearly as much now as I did then, but I still am not particularly comfortable in them. I got contacts in 6th grade because my eyesight had gotten to the point where I couldn’t play sports without them – glasses just don’t cut it when you’re swinging around the uneven bars.

I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and I’m pretty sure, based on some eye issues I’ve had in the past and how they’ve been feeling lately, that I am going to be told to cut back on my contact lens wearing. Way back. I suppose it only makes sense that my eyes are rebelling now that I’ve been putting foreign objects into them for the past 20 years. I have one pair of glasses that I do like, but if I have to start wearing glasses on a regular basis, I think I need a back up pair. Plus, I like the idea of treating my glasses as accessories. Makes me feel a little less dorky about the whole thing. (I do not know why I still have such an issue with wearing glasses. I think they look great on other people! I still feel like that crushed 8 year old when faced with the idea that I’ll have to wear them all the time… that it’s not just a choice I’m making. Hence, why I am trying to treat them like accessories.)

So, this is where you come in! I plan on ordering my glasses from this awesome company, Warby Parker. Adam bought his glasses from them last year and really likes them. They have this program where you can try on the frames at home for FREE, so I chose the maximum five frames to have them send to me. (FOR FREE!)

I know the general frame shape that works for me, so while these might all look like variations of the same frames, there are actually three different styles here. I got a mix of colors – not all of them are available for every frame, but there is some overlap. I think I know which one is my favorite, but I figured since I rarely am actually looking at myself in glasses, it makes sense to get someone else’s opinion. So, please let me know what you think!

(Please ignore my scraggly looking hair.  I had it in a ponytail all day and had just taken it out, so it has a crease in it.)

Langston – Amber

Langston – Whiskey Tortoise Matte

The Langston also comes in black, which I think would be too harsh with my coloring.

Nedwin – Summer Green

Nedwin also comes in black, which I think is too dark, and amber, which would be the same frame/color as Adam, which is just weird.  Sadly, he beat me to it, because I do look good in his glasses. :-)

Reece – Sandalwood Matte

Reece – Midnight Blue (This didn’t photograph so well – it is definitely blue, not black.)

Reece also comes in dark tortoise, which looks online similar to the whiskey tortoise color, except maybe not matte.

And why the heck not… here’s a (sorta blurry) photo of me in my current glasses (from last year’s trip to the Baltimore Aquarium), for reference.  Yes, they are purple.  (And there’s Adam wearing the amber Nedwins!)



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