Today, I turned 33 on 3-13-13. A palindromic birthday. As my girl Sarah said in the card she sent.

Mid-week and mid-milestone birthdays are kind of lame. We’re actually not doing much to celebrate tonight — work has been too crazy to really plan a fancy dinner (our usual way to celebrate birthdays) for tonight and we’re headed out of town this weekend for a birthday celebration with my fellow March-born college roommates up in Syracuse. My office did have some birthday cupcakes for me at our weekly meeting today. (Technically, they were St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes… that St. Pat is always stealing my thunder. But they were from Wegmans and were DELICIOUS considering I’m not a huge cake person.) I stopped at Caribou Coffee to pick up my free birthday drink. (And accidentally forgot to ask for decaf, so hopefully I’m not up too late tonight!) Thanks to RA‘s inspiration, I’ve got some root beer chilling in the fridge for some birthday floats for dessert tonight. But other than that, it’s a pretty typical day – working late, making stir fry for dinner, probably doing a little laundry and catching up on the DVR in between calls from my family, opening gifts my family sent.

We are going to plan a not-as-fancy dinner date for Friday of next week. We might even go to a movie after!

I guess I’m past the age where birthdays are just an excuse to have a crazy party, but honestly? I think I like it better this way.



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6 responses to “3-13-13

  1. K

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. As long as you have cupcakes and root beer floats, who needs a big party? Happy birthday, lady!

  3. Happy belated birthday to you!

  4. Sarah

    Root beer floats are among the best ways to celebrate a birthday! Glad you got the card in time!

  5. New follower here and a little invite to our health and fitness bloggers group.