December Goals…

December is always so hectic, but I LOVE the holiday season so I try to fit in some time to do a few special things each year. This is our first December in our house, so I’m especially looking forward to doing some seasonal decorating (some Christmas, some Hanukkah, some just winter that can stay up for a while). It’s a little hard to get into the spirit when it’s going to be 6o degrees on December 2nd, but here we go…

  • Make fruitcake. My grandparents have had this on their Christmas list for the past few years and last year I claimed it and made it from scratch. It was such a hit that when their list came out yesterday, it said: “Attn: Stephanie – Fruit Cake.” Ha! I’d already purchased all the ingredients before I even received that email!
  • Go to Zoolights
  • Hang Christmas lights outside. This is the first time we get to do this. Yay!
  • Go through our decorations and decorate inside. We’re not going to have a tree this year. Adam doesn’t really want one, although probably wouldn’t fight me on it if I really did. I prefer artificial trees, but we just don’t have place to store one right now. So, we’re just skipping the tree altogether. I did buy some (artificial and reusable) garland to hang over the fireplace and I’m going to go through the rest of my bin to see what we should keep, what we should toss, and what I still want to buy.
  • Host a holiday game night. Basically a regular game night, but with cookies and a hot cocoa or sundae bar, and Christmas music playing in the background.
  • Plan and go on our annual “holidate.” Instead of giving each other gifts, Adam and I usually pick a night in December to go out to a fancy dinner and maybe a show of some sort. Still need to do some research on whether there’s anything we want to see and hope that we can still get a good reservation somewhere.
  • Watch Elf. It seems kind of silly that such a new Christmas movie is one of my favorites, but it cracks me up so much. (“I like to whisper too!”)
  • Take a walk through our neighborhood to see Christmas lights. Our neighborhood association actually gives out a prize for the best decorated house, so I am really hoping the neighborhood gets into it. I can see us bundling up with some travel mugs full of hot cocoa and taking a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner one night.
  • Paint some winter-themed art for above the fireplace. I did this for the fall and now need to come up with something for winter. I already have an idea in mind… just need to execute.
  • Have a quiet night (or several) playing a game next to the fireplace with some hot cocoa or tea. We did this at the B&B we stayed at on vacation (if you substitute “Ben & Jerry’s” for “hot cocoa or tea”) and it was so nice and relaxing. I am so excited to have a fireplace!

(I actually started making this list a week or so ago, but it turns out we’re going to be knocking out the first 3-4 of these items this weekend, since it is so warm out.)



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6 responses to “December Goals…

  1. OMG, I love, LOVE a good fruitcake!! I am totally going to try and make this. thank you for linking to a tried and true recipe like this!

  2. Sidenote: You have made so many changes to that recipe, it is basically YOUR recipe now. :-) You could re-type/change it and just call it YOUR fruitcake (also, I carefully made notes of all of your changes and agree with EVERY single one of them)

    • Stephanie

      I hope you like it! I think you can use any combination of dried fruit you like, as long as you have about the same amount in cups at the end.

  3. I remember doing Zoolights with you guys last year and finding out that the bears blew a sure fire win, starting their slide to absolute garbagehood. Still, it was a very fun night!

  4. Sarah

    We must be friends or something. Elf is one of my favorites and I say that exact quote more often than I should. Also I have already selected the idea for some winter-themed art work of my own to make and hang above the fireplace. That is, if I don’t lose my motivation to make it. We should put our desks together facing each other and make some art! :-)

    • Stephanie

      Adam bought me an easel, paints, and brushes recently so I could paint us some things for our bare walls. I always think of you when I’m doing arty stuff!

      Come visit. We will paint things! I will try not to walk into the table too many times!