Holy Crap, It’s November.

So you might think, after a three-and-a-half week hiatus, I might come on here and have some explanation for disappearing for all that time, but you know what? I honestly have NO idea what happened to October. None. Work wasn’t particularly busy. I didn’t go out of town.  We ran the half marathon and then, well, I just don’t know. Poof! October was over.

And now it’s November. And November actually is a busy month. I’m headed to New Orleans for the Blathering next weekend. Our anniversary is the day after I return. The following weekend we’re hosting Friendsgiving. Then on Thanksgiving, we’re driving up to spend the weekend in Connecticut and New York. After we return, I’m going to a YoungHouseLove book signing with a friend. Then, poof! November is over.

And December is always a blur, with shopping and parties and travel…

I know time seems to move faster with each passing year, but damn… I have NO idea what happened to 2012.


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