Circle of Life

My great-grandmother Olive’s funeral was yesterday. She lived nearly 101 years.

July 1986 – Great Nanny & family
(Fun fact! We’re in my dad’s parents’ yard, but the white house in the background is where my mom’s parents lived.)

My friend’s baby girl Olive was born yesterday. May she live a (very long!) life as blessed with family, friends, and joy as my great-grandmother did.



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2 responses to “Circle of Life

  1. Oh, I am sorry about your loss. :-( Great -grandma’s are special and how awesome it was that you knew her!

    • Stephanie

      I’m pretty lucky, since a lot of people don’t even get to meet all of their grandparents and I knew two great-grandmothers. She even had six (I think) great-GREAT-grandchildren, so I think that makes her extra-special!