Vermont Vacation Part I: Wedding Weekend

Adam and I had back-to-back weddings in Vermont and Connecticut this September, so we decided to take the week off in between and turn it into a weeklong vacation. It’s not the beach, but Vermont in late summer is pretty darn nice in its own right! We actually crammed a lot into 10 days – a weekend staying with college friends (plus spouses and children) in a house on Lake Champlain, a few days in Burlington, a few days in Manchester (including a day trip to visit our college), and a weekend with my in-laws (including my insanely adorable nephew and niece) in Connecticut – so I’m planning to do separate recaps for each segment.

* * * * *

For the first part of our vacation, we spent the weekend at a lake house in Vermont with five of Adam’s college friends — along with three wives and two children (and one on the way) — to attend our friend Bret’s wedding. This weekend was actually the first time all seven guys were together in the same place since college!

Adam has a few different groups of college friends, and one of the guys in this group also happens to run in another one of his circles of friends. His wife, LD, and I commented how amazing this particular group is — they all have such different personalities and interests, yet they all ended up as friends in college and are still so close ten years after graduation. They work in information systems, with hedge funds, on the Hill, as an actor, as a stone mason, and for a university. They rent apartments in big cities, own houses in the suburbs, lease a farm, and are landlords themselves. They are vegans, and vegetarians, and meat-eaters who think there is no such thing as too much bacon. They play basketball, run half marathons, kayak, and fence. When I asked Adam what brought them all together, his answer was “video games.”

the guys

So, that’s the one thing they have in common.

Friday night was spent catching up. Adam and I were the only couple that didn’t have kids/wasn’t pregnant, so we shared a room with the groom (who stayed with us for the night) and the best man… who took his duty to get the groom to the ceremony on time very seriously. Despite being on West Coast time, the best man was up at 7:30 the next morning nagging Bret to get out of bed and get ready for the wedding. (They made it to the ceremony location a half hour too early, so they ended up going to get breakfast instead.)

The rest of us (minus the moms and napping kiddos) made it to the ceremony right on time, although Adam was a little worse for wear after having a few too many drinks the night before. Hanging out with college friends can have that effect sometimes. He still was able to perform his DJ’ing duties and start up the processional and recessional music right on cue.

Despite crazy wind and lots of bees, the wedding was lovely. Bret and Emily wanted a casual wedding where everyone could just hang out, catch up, and enjoy the park. There was a delicious meal, bocce, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and PIE! There was rain in the forecast all day, but it managed to hold off until the last hour, and then we headed back to the lake house.

exchanging rings

just married!

wedding bocce

We started off Sunday morning with a brunch at the house where Emily’s parents were staying. Our group then caravanned its way back up to Burlington, making several stops along the way.

Union grads!
(And a professor… the father of the bride.)

We looked oh-so-fashionable (and made several purchases) at the Vermont Flannel Company…

We took a tour and stuffed some bears at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory…

showing off my teddy bear tour pin

visiting a patient at the teddy bear hospital, getting a honey IV

We stopped for lunch at the Fiddlehead Brewing Company (where I had a crazy good pizza with sweet potato and chard on it)…

mmm… pizza!

{we lost one couple after this stop}

We took a quick tour and tried some samples at the Magic Hat Artifactory…

touring the inner-workings of the Magic Hat factory

{we lost two more couples after this stop}

and then wandered downtown Burlington for a couple hours while waiting until it was time to take our last two friends to the airport.

And then there was two…

Next up… Burlington!


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  1. Carolyn

    Love this recap! Such great photos. You look gorgeous in that yellow shirt!