Bits and Pieces…

  • I love the Olympics. I’ve been staying off of Twitter and avoiding the news during the day as much as possible so I don’t learn the results before I can watch them. My favorite athlete right now is probably Missy Franklin… she’s so sweet and genuine.  I can’t stand the gymnastics announcers.  I have the same complaints about the NBC coverage as most people – while I’ll cut them some slack with only playing the big events and puff pieces during prime time because their business is ratings, I do not understand how they can spoil the results we’re about to see during the broadcast.  I’m Team Phelps, not Team Lochte.  (I think Lochte is a total douche.)  And I’ve been staying up way past my bedtime, but I have to remember it’s only two weeks every two years.
  • We’re planning a few vacations over the next few months. We already have a Vermont trip in September booked, bookended with two New England weddings.  We want to go to Barbados for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary (which sadly conflicts with The Blathering), but still need to actually book the flight and hotel we’ve picked out. And a friend is moving to London for 6 months, so I really want to go to visit while we have a free place to stay – maybe in late January or early February.  And I really want to try to plan a long weekend with my high school chicas… I might just need to fly out to LA.
  • I signed up for a half marathon in October.  I’ve realized that I totally slack off in my workouts without having a race to motivate me.  I wasn’t thrilled with my race in March, but I half-assed my training quite a bit and really just did the bare minimum needed to finish.  I don’t want to just finish this time, though… I want to finish as strongly as I did when I ran the half marathon in March 2011.
  • A friend told me the other day, “Silently, you developed quite the reputation as the master of baked goods.” This makes me so happy.
  • Adam and I have nearly perfected throwing an easy Friday night dinner party. The secret? Mexican food. So delicious, so easy.  Throw together a slaw the night before (they’re always better the next day anyway), make some beans (with some garlic, onions, and a jalapeno) in the slow cooker while at work, throw some rice in the rice cooker when you get home (we add in some frozen cilantro cubes), grill up some veggies and protein, and heat up some corn tortillas. Serve with easy guac (just mashed avocados, lime and salt), pre-made salsa, cheese and sour cream. Mix up a pitcher of margaritas if you’re so inclined.


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4 responses to “Bits and Pieces…

  1. i feel like everyone LOVES lochte. but i agree, he seems like a huge douche bag. i’m off tomorrow and i am so excited to stay up late and watch all the coverage!!

  2. Sarah

    I also strongly, very stongly, dislike the gymnastics announcers. Rob is probably sick of me yelling “Shuttup Tim Daggett!!!” Life would be better if Al Michaels commentated on every sport. I don’t particularly care either way for Phelps or Lochte. I don’t get why everyone thinks Lochte is a douche though. He isn’t the brightest bulb, but he seems like a laid back surfer dude who happens to enjoy being young and beautiful. He’s not my cup of tea, but he IS beautiful. Anyway…Have you seen this…
    I just can’t wait to go to the market later, to do a little shopping. Lolz.

    • Stephanie

      HAHAHA! That video is awesome. Also, have you seen this?

      I had no opinion of him either way until I saw the interview where he gives a tour of his shoe closet during the first weekend of coverage. I didn’t even remember him from the previous Olympics. But after that interview, oh man. What a douche. I wanted to smack him. Good thing they stock up the Olympic Village with so many condoms, or else I have a feeling there would be a whole generation of Lochte swimmers from various countries competing in the 2032 Olympics.

      (I wonder if my own comment is going to be moderated with this language!)

  3. 1) Granted, Phelps is the brighter of the two bulbs, but even by his Phelps’ own admission, Lochte is the harder worker and athlete. It’s truly amazing someone with so few brain cells can even swim straight, never mind win Gold medals. Kudos to him.
    2) Steph, if you and Adam are visiting New England, let us know if you can meet up one night. We can even travel to Vermont if need be!