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Unintended Vacation…

As you may have heard, a giant chunk of DC/MD/VA (and I think West Virginia and Ohio?) was hit by a MASSIVE thunderstorm/land hurricane (which apparently is a real thing?) late last Friday night, rendering millions of people without power. I’m going to just assume it made national news, because (a) we are one of the millions without power, therefore I have not seen any television footage, and (b) I received text from my mom and my aunt the next morning to see if we have power.

Nope, no power.

You know what, though? Aside from the fact that Adam’s parents were in town and his dad really, really, really does not like the heat (REALLY, he told us so), there was something actually relaxing about not being able to do anything and just being forced to sit as still as possible in the heat, play cards, and enjoy each other’s company. (Or make fun of the person who was whining a lot about how unenjoyable the whole experience was.*) His parents had come down for the weekend to help us do a bunch of work on the house (some painting, replace a toilet, hanging new curtains), just as we’ve been spending nearly every other weekend for the past several weeks. Instead, we relaxed. We went out to eat for pretty much every meal. We didn’t watch television or play on the internet. (Except checking twitter and the local news on our phones.) We went to bed around 10pm because it was dark outside. It was quiet.

Sure, it’s hard to sleep when its almost 90 degrees in your bedroom and you can’t so much as run a fan. Yeah, it’s annoying that we had to throw out a bunch of food from our refrigerator. I do wish I could charge my phone at home, rather than at a restaurant or the library or in the car. But honestly? It’s been sort of a nice break to be forced to deal with not having electricity. Even coming in to work today, I felt so much more focused. It’s been kind of like an unintended vacation.

However, I fully reserve the right to change my opinion on this situation come Friday (the day we’re scheduled to get power back), when I will have gone a full week of needing a flashlight to shower.

* I’m not one to complain about family on here, but even if he were to stumble upon this post some time in the future, he would 100% agree with this (probably too nice) characterization of how he vocalized his feelings about being without power during 100+ heat.**

** In fact, I just received a text from Adam, who is now with his dad in Florida, quoting his dad as saying, “It’s like I went to Hades and they are trying to roast me wherever I go” about it being 80 degrees there.



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