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When I last left off in the house-hunting saga (see parts one and two if you missed ’em), we’d gotten pretty frustrated with the process and were debating whether or not to take a break for a while when we got an email alert for a house that looked pretty interesting. It was actually on the same street of the very first house we saw, back before we even had an agent, that got us thinking we were ready to jump into the house-hunting process. It was a half mile from the metro, in one of the neighborhoods we had been focusing on, and priced almost 15% lower than any other house (other than a foreclosure) we’d seen.

Yeah, so that last point had us worried. I mean, obviously something had to be wrong with it if it was priced so much lower than other houses in the area.  But we still decided that we might as well go take a look.

An open house was scheduled for the weekend, but we knew from experience that there were usually offers in, and sometimes even accepted, before the open house. So we emailed our agent immediately (this was at 8 a.m.) to ask her if there was any way we could see that house after work that day. One of her associates was available, so Adam and I met up with her at the house after work.

You guys, this house had so many things we were looking for… and even things beyond what we thought we could get in our price range! It was a half mile from the metro, had a large (for its size) kitchen, had 2.5 baths (including a bathroom on the main floor AND one in the master!), and the bedrooms were all larger than we’d been seeing AND had good sized closets.  While we knew the place definitely needed some updating (some appliances appeared to date back to the early ’80s and the two main bathrooms are UG-LY), we knew that with the lower list price, we’d be able to tackle some of those updates sooner rather than later. We knew immediately that we had to put in an offer on this house before it got snatched up.

I suppose it’s of no surprise to anyone by this point that we ended up buying this house. But it is so crazy how quickly it all happened. Just a few days before, when all of our friends were in town for the weekend for the half marathon, we were telling them that we weren’t having any luck and were thinking of taking a break. Tuesday, the house comes on the market. We made an offer the next morning. The offer was accepted that afternoon.

Without going into too many financial details, I will admit that after looking at comps we did end up offering more than the asking price, BUT! During the purchase process, the house was actually appraised for more than our offer, so we felt pretty validated about that decision. We still have no idea why the owner priced the house as he did, other than we think he was VERY motivated to sell as quickly as possible. (We’re pretty sure he must have been relocated and already purchased a new place. He wasn’t even at the closing because he lived in another state.)  He’d owned the house for a long time and we saw all the paperwork, so we know that he definitely didn’t lose any money on the deal. Whatever his reason, we’re obviously not complaining! By somehow finding the one house priced below cost in the area, we were able to have some money to put toward some MUCH needed renovations.  Oh, just you wait until you see the before photos of our very 70s kitchen. Here’s a teaser… the previous countertops were PAISLEY.


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