June Goals…

My May goals got completely derailed by packing, planning and hosting a baby shower, moving, and (sorta) unpacking.  Whoops!

A pathetic recap of my May goals…

1. Continue to go to boot camp at least twice a week. I was going strong the first three weeks of May. Then I only went once the fourth week (the week of the move) and then the last (half) week (i.e., earlier this week), I didn’t go at all because, despite hiring movers this time, I still managed to cause my old back injury to rear its ugly head. I was feeling a bit better later in the week, but decided to just take the full week off and make sure it’s fully healed, rather than go to boot camp, have it be a very core-heavy class, and then have to miss even more time because I hurt it worse.

2. Participate in Mission: Put Together. Again, I was going strong the first few weeks of May, but then with the packing and moving, I basically stopped. I probably have three or four days worth of photos that never made it to Flickr, and then the week of the move, I certainly was anything other than put together. My uniform was running shorts and old t-shirts for all the packing, moving, and many, many, many trips to Home Depot and Lowes.

3. Read a book. Nope. Didn’t even pick one up.

Let’s see if I can do better in June now that I’m getting all settled into the new place!

1. Go to boot camp at least twice a week.  I signed up for another month and still feel like I need to go at least twice a week (preferably more) to get my money’s worth.  I may take a break from it in July and August if it’s too hot out, but I’m hoping my body will be able to adjust to the heat if I work out outside throughout the month of June.

2. Plan our New England vacation.  As per usual, our vacation destination is driven by our friends’ weddings. We have a wedding to attend in Vermont the second weekend of September and then another in Connecticut the following weekend, so we’re planning to just stay up there for the whole week, rather than fly back to DC for Monday-Friday. Right now the plan is to B&B hop around Vermont. If anyone has any must-see/must-do recommendations for the area, please let me know!

3. Get the house unpacked.  So far, we’ve really only got the master bedroom unpacked. Now that the kitchen is complete (update and photos to come soon!), we can finally get to unpacking the downstairs. I’d like for us to be pretty much settled in by the end of the month, so that from there on out it’s just be improvement, rather than moving, projects that we’ll need to tackle. (And oh, how there will be many projects to tackle…)


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