May Goals…

I actually did a great job with my April goals! Woohoo!

1. Go to boot camp at least twice a week.  I ended up going an average of twice a week – twice I went two times, one week I went three times, and another week I went once. It wasn’t as hard to get up at 5:20 as I thought it would be… as long as I was in bed early. (This was the main reason I didn’t do so well the last week… Adam was out of town for work and I have a harder time falling asleep when he’s not there.) Today was my last day on my 30-day Groupon and I went even though it was pouring rain. And then I promptly came home and paid full price for another month of classes.

2. Clean out my closet. I went through my closet and my storage boxes of clothes. There wasn’t too much to get rid of since I tend to go through my clothes every couple of months and take things out to donate or throw away. I still need to go through my dresser and see if there’s anything I can weed out there… I probably own more lounge clothes and t-shirts than I really need, even though I do change into them as soon as I get home from work or the gym during the week.

3. Watch less television. I only watched  “off-limits” television shows one day the whole month! (There was a lot of sports watching though with baseball starting.) The week Adam was gone, there was one night where there wasn’t any sports on and, obviously, Adam wasn’t around to hang out with, so I ended up watching some Parks & Rec. (I realize I could have read something, but, uh, see May Goal #3.)

May goals…

1. Continue to go to boot camp at least twice a week. In order to get what I consider to be my money’s worth (i.e., bring the average price per class down to lower than if I did the drop-in rate), I need to go at least 10 times in May. Also, once we move at the end of the month, we’ll no longer have our apartment gym to rely on, so I want to make sure I get into the habit of working out regularly, in the mornings, and outside. We still have our other gym membership for classes and weights, but their treadmills aren’t as nice as the ones we’ve gotten used to in our building, so we’ll try to start running outside before work.

2. Participate in Mission: Put Together. This seems like a good follow up to April’s clean out the closet goal. I participated in M:PT last year and it was lots of fun. (And I won a free pair of GAP jeans!) You should do it, too! My outfits tend to be on the boring side, since I don’t have a whole lot of leeway when it comes to work clothes, but it still gets me to actually put some thought into choosing what I’m going to wear each day.

3. Read a book. It’s so sad that I need to actually write this down, but apparently I won’t take the time to read unless I am part of a book club or I set it as a goal.


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  1. RA

    Yeah, hat tip for M:PT! I’m glad you’re in for this year, too! :)