“Cleared to Close”

We just got official confirmation, so I finally feel comfortable to make the formal announcement…


Closing on Friday… more details on our house-hunt and finding “the one” to come soon!



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8 responses to ““Cleared to Close”

  1. RA

    EEEEEEE. Congratulations!

    As a friend told us when we bought our house, congratulations on having to spend $200 whenever you walk into a home improvement store. :)

  2. congratulations!! can’t wait to read about the new house!

  3. Sarah

    Yay…congrats! Can’t wait to read/see about it!

  4. Congrats!!!!! 2 attorneys in my office are also buying a house this week! Must be in the water!

    • Stephanie

      One of my co-workers closed on Wednesday, two of my husband’s co-workers have closed/are closing within 2 weeks of us, and another friend closes next week. It’s crazy!