Photo-a-day: February 1

A lot of people I follow online (huh, ten years ago that would have sounded really creepy) participated in the January photo-a-day challenge.  I was excited to hear that there was going to be a February photo-a-day challenge so I could jump right on that bandwagon and play along.

Today’s prompt: your view today.

This is what I see when I look out my bedroom window — Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Capitol.  I love this city.



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2 responses to “Photo-a-day: February 1

  1. Sarah

    It’s so fun to do the photo a day challenge. I was doing mine for a year though. I seriously made it to six months TWICE and both times had either camera or computer issues where I lost my photos or couldn’t take them anymore. It’s fun though!

    • Stephanie

      I think you should go back to daily You Tube videos. I loved getting to “see” you every day in December.