Originally, Adam and I wanted to take a mini-vacation to celebrate our first anniversary.  Some place warm, where we could lie by the beach.  The Caribbean or Mexico.

Then, work got really busy, so we scrapped that plan. We decided we’d try to go somewhere within driving distance for a long weekend. After all, we’d planned our wedding to be the day after a national holiday, giving us an automatic long weekend for our anniversary four times out of seven.

Then, work got really, really busy.  We might not be able to take a weekend getaway, but at least we’d get to spend all day together, since our anniversary fell on a Saturday.

Then, work got really, really insanely busy.  I had to go into work every. single. day. of this long weekend.

But you know what made it all better?  Spending Saturday evening, sharing a lovely dinner (with a fabulous wine pairing!) with my husband.   Taking a long walk, hand in hand, around the city on a gorgeous November night.

And knowing that there will be many more opportunities to celebrate our anniversary on the beach…

Hey, look! It's one of the only photos of the two of us on our honeymoon!




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6 responses to “One.

  1. It’s one of a hundred to come. And you guys are still so damned adorable. F you, cute couple :) And happy first!

  2. bex

    our first anniversary will be two days before day one of the bar exam…already apologizing in advance to jv for what a head case i’ll be!

    Happy One Year!!

    • Stephanie

      Oh, poor JV. I gave Adam fair warning of the hell of bar exam prep, but I still don’t think he fully grasped it… and that was for my second state so it was not nearly as stressful.

      Hopefully you’ll get to take one hell of a bar/anniversary trip!