Sick Day…

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week. Nothing big, just a head cold. But work has been crazy busy since May (seriously, it was so busy that we brought another person on board in July, and I’ve STILL had to put in some late nights and weekends) and I’m just plain worn down. This week, I finally had a bit of a breather, which is good if you were to see what my work schedule looks like from next week until late November. I think my body does a pretty good job of powering through when it needs to, but with work letting up a bit, it finally succumbed to being sick.

Now, like I said, it’s just a cold. For some reason, I have it in my head that a silly little cold does not justify taking a sick day. (Oh, also, we don’t have specifically allotted sick days – if we did, I’d feel better about taking time off when I’m feeling not-so-hot.) It took Adam about 15 minutes to convince me to just call (er, email) in sick already, but when I finally did at 8:00, I went back to sleep.

And woke up at 11am. Ate some oatmeal. Checked some blogs and twitter. Went back to sleep at noon.

And got out of bed again at 4:30.

So yeah, it might have been just a head cold, but obviously, I was worn the heck out. I was up for only TWO hours between 11pm last night and 4:30 this afternoon.

I think I needed this day off.


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