Race Recaps: Clarendon Day 10K, 5K Friday Fall Edition

I ran two races this past week – the Clarendon Day 10K and a special fall installation of the 5K Fridays.

The Clarendon Day 10K was the only 10K on my race schedule for the year, so I was really hoping to be able to set a PR and meet my goal of setting a PR in every distance race I run this year. Unfortunately, the week before the 10K, I came down with a pretty bad cold (complete with a low fever) and didn’t work out at all. I started feeling better the day before the race. I was finally off the cold meds and, except for at night, breathing pretty easily. I was still pretty tired, but the fever was gone. When I woke up the morning of the race, I felt well enough that I decided I would still run the race.

Miles 1-3 were pretty strong and I was on pace to set a PR. Mile 4 was a bit rougher, and when I checked my watch I realized I would have to pick up the pace in order to meet my goal. I decided to push it for mile 5. Apparently, I must have hit a wall, because while I thought I was pushing it, I ran it almost a minute slower than mile 4. I realized at that point there was no way I could set a PR, and I figured maybe my body was telling me I needed to pull back a bit. I took some walking breaks in the last mile. It wasn’t my fastest 10K, but it wasn’t my slowest. I was glad that I got out and got in a good workout, even if I didn’t my goal. I guess I just need to find another 10K to run this year.

Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 1:09:36
Pace: 11:12/mile

* * * * *

The running store that we have our race package with added a last-minute fall Friday 5K to the race series. The Friday 5Ks in April are some of my favorite races, so I was pretty excited about having another one. I am *just* finally starting to get back into running again (even with the somewhat-disappointing race last weekend) after being burnt out on it pretty much all summer, and this is a fun one.

It ended up being perfect running weather on Friday. Not too sunny, low-mid 60s, a little breezy. I started out feeling pretty strong and ran the first mile in 9:24. My second mile was right around 10 minutes – I swear that either the mile 1 or mile 2 marker is in the wrong place, because my second mile is always my slowest mile on this course and there aren’t any hills or anything like that to drastically alter my pace every time. (My guess is the mile 1 marker is a little early, because my first mile is almost always consistently a little faster than I usually run a mile.) Anyway, with that in mind, I thought I might be able to finish in under 30 minutes, which would be a pretty good comeback from my race the previous weekend.

I didn’t quite make it to under 30 minutes, but I did finish in sub-10:00/mile pace, which felt pretty damn good. I hadn’t had a race that fast since April.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 30:15
Pace: 9:45/mile


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