Sarah’s Weekend in Baltimore…

My friend Sarah had a birthday last weekend. Unfortunately, Sarah lives way too far away over on the left coast, so we weren’t able to make it out there to celebrate with her. So instead, we showed Sarah a good time around Baltimore. (Sorry you had to suffer through a hurricane while you were here, Sarah, but I hope the company made up for it!!)

Sarah’s Birthday Weekend in Baltimore from Completely Irrelevant on Vimeo.

Song: Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi. (Duh.)

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Sarah! I know we all had a lot of fun hanging out with you. :-)

(This idea was shamelessly stolen – with permission – from Erin of olive our house. I’m not actually that creative, but I knew we would have so much fun with this little project.)



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2 responses to “Sarah’s Weekend in Baltimore…

  1. Sarah

    Oh. My. God. I love this. And now I miss you all even more (if that is possible). Love you!

  2. ha! i love it. nice touch with the slideshow!