Four Eyes: A Follow Up

Thanks for all your input on my last post! I’m guessing some of you might be wondering which pair of glasses I chose.

When I tried on all of the frames, I ruled out the Reece in sandalwood and the Nedwin in green right away, because of the colors. Most of you seemed to agree with me. That left me with both Langston pairs and the Reece pair in midnight blue. At first, I preferred the Langston frames, but after trying each pair on multiple times over a couple of days, I started to like the Reece pair more and more. Between the two Langston pairs, I was leaning towards the darker of the two shades, but wasn’t a huge fan of the matte look of the tortoise. I tried them on in person for a few friends and most of them preferred the Reece, but the darker Langston was a close second.

So, which one did I choose?

None of them!

Yet, anyway. I sent those back in and decided to order the Reece in whiskey tortoise and to re-order them in midnight blue to compare. Since I had an order coming to me anyway, Adam suggested I pick a few other frames that I wouldn’t ordinarily even choose to try on, just in case any of them surprise me. So I picked three other frames that were a bit bulkier and/or rounder than the ones I chose last time, but all in neutral colors.

(In case you hadn’t noticed (or have never tried to plan anything with me in real life) I really suck at making what are relatively inconsequential decisions. Deciding which college and law school to go to? Easy. Deciding what restaurant to go to? ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. It’s like that now… these glasses all look fine! But what if I pick the wrong one?! Must research my options to death.)

So what do you say? Are you all up for another fashion show when they arrive in a few days?


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  1. i’m the same way with decisions. buy this house? ok, sounds good!

    should we have thai food or burritos for dinner? i don’t knooooow.

    i’m always up for a fashion show!