The next big race on our schedule is the Clarendon Day 10K in September. 10K is the last distance I have to tackle to achieve my goal of PR’ing in every distance this year. I haven’t had a real training plan for a distance shorter than a ten miler in more than two years, but since we don’t have any long races planned for this fall, I thought it would be a good idea to follow (at least loosely) a training plan for this race and see if I can break 60 minutes.

We decided to follow a plan that adds some speedwork during the week. We’re only in week 2 (and, honestly, didn’t do most of the runs in week 1), so today was the first day we had a speed workout on the schedule. It’s finally less than 90 degrees out, so we thought it’d be a good idea to go over to the nearby high school and do our speedwork on the track. Turns out, there were two or three running groups there that had the same idea and the track was packed. It was pretty great to see so many people out there, getting their exercise on. (The nearby park was filled with people playing soccer, softball and tennis, too.)

We both forgot our watches, but I estimated that I was doing my 400s in about 2:00. (They are supposed to be at 5K pace, which for me would be about 2:15 pace, but I felt more winded after each 400 than I usually do when running a 5K, so I’m pretty sure I was going faster.) I felt pretty good… it’s been a long time since I’ve been running on an actual track. I can’t see myself doing long runs on there, but I think we’ll try to make these speed workouts a regular thing.

Plus, doing a fast and hard workout totally justifies getting frozen yogurt for dinner, right?


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