Crystal City Twilighter

For the second year in a row, it was more than 100 degrees the day of the Crystal City Twilighter. Like last year, it was in the mid-90s at race time. Unlike last year, the humidity was so bad, that the heat index was at 104. ONE HUNDRED FOUR. At 8:30pm.

The race was really well organized, with a few water sprayers, two water stops, and… the best part… halfway through the race they were handing out ice cold, soaking wet sponges (which I ended up shoving down my sports bra after squeezing the water over myself). I was prepared with a water bottle filled with ice and Gatorade, although the ice was completely melted before I even finished the first mile. I figured I’d end up walking at some point and didn’t even bring my watch with me. I just ran it as a fun run.

I have not been running very much lately, and I have not been running nearly fast as I had been while training for the half marathon this past March. After all my spring races, I was feeling a bit burned out and am still trying to get back into it. I went into the race with no expectations. Overall, I was quite pleased with my performance. I actually ended up running the whole thing, and finished two minutes faster than last year.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 38:32
Pace: 12:24/mile


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