San Francisco

A month later, figured I might as well get around to recapping my vacation.

The first leg of our three-city tour was to San Francisco for our friends’ wedding. I’ve been to San Francisco once before (when we took a tour of Alcatraz, ate giant ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli Square, and saw a no-hitter by Jonathan Sanchez), but we only spent about a day and a half there. This visit, we had a bit more time for some sightseeing.

One of the highlights of the San Francisco trip was hitting up the farmers market at the Ferry Building on Saturday morning. We started the day off with an amazing latte from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Seriously, this coffee was SO good and smooth, I didn’t even need to add sugar. Well worth the wait, although on our second trip to the Ferry Building, I was able to go up to the secret window around the side and get my coffee with no wait. I even bought a bag to bring home… and now we’re contemplating whether it’s worth it to order some more.

With coffee in hand, we checked out some of the places in the Ferry Building, but then headed out to check out all of the amazing stands at the farmers market. The produce was so gorgeous. I am so envious of people who live where such great, fresh, local food is available year-round.

After eating our way though the farmers market (samples everywhere!), we hiked up the stairs to the top of Telegraph Hill.

At the top of the hill, we looked up and saw a rainbow encircling the sun. This is the best shot we could get of it where it doesn’t just look like camera flare, but trust me in that it went all the way around. (We dorked out and did our best “double rainbow” impression… but seriously, have any of you seen something like this before? I didn’t even know this phenomenon existed.)

After spending the day walking around San Francisco, we went back to our hotel to shower, change and get ready to head out to the main event. The wedding was held in the Bently Reserve, which used to be a federal reserve building. Look at us, all fancied up!

Much like the rest of our brief stay in San Francisco, our last day was centered around food. We started the morning off taking a tour of the TCHO chocolate factory. Adam’s been a bit obsessed with this place since he was first introduced to them in a conference in San Francisco two years ago. They are a small chocolate shop and you can find their chocolates in a few stores, like Whole Foods. Look for the brightly colored large squares of chocolate. Their story is pretty interesting and their chocolate is delicious (Fruity and Citrus are my favorites).

This photo was actually taken the day before, when we just stopped in with a few friends. We weren’t allowed to bring cameras on the tour (which means there aren’t any photos of us looking all sexy in our hairnets), so we don’t have photos from the rest of our day either. Luckily, our friends have plenty of photos from our trip to the Mission District for delicious (and cheap!) Mexican food at La Torta Gorda and crazy ice cream flavors from Humphry Slocombe. (Okay, so technically their La Torta Gorda post is from a different trip Angela and Mark took to the Mission District, but you get the gist.)

After we bid goodbye to Ang and Mark as they headed home to L.A., Adam and I lounged around our hotel for a bit before heading out to Millennium Restaurant, an upscale vegetarian restaurant. I’d read some great reviews about this place and immediately put it on our list of things to do once we knew we were going to San Francisco. It did not disappoint. We went all out — appetizers, drinks, entrees, and a shared dessert. It’s so unusual for me to have so many options on the menu!

All around, we had a fabulous, fun, friend- and food-filled time in San Francisco.

Next up: Seattle.


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