Between the cool, rainy days and the humid, 85 degree (and higher) days, falls DC’s one perfect week of spring. 70s, sunny, just a light breeze (if any). That week was this week, and I tried to make the most of it:

Monday: Okay, I didn’t really get to enjoy being outside on Monday, but I did go to a Body Pump class at the gym, in an effort to get into shape for the upcoming summer months of bare legs and tank tops.

Tuesday: Adam and I met our friend Nick (hi, Nick!) at a local park with our boxing gloves for some sparring. Fresh air and exercise.

Wednesday: We met friends for dinner al fresco, then Adam and I enjoyed the calm, cool night walking the 2+ miles home, stopping for some frozen yogurt.

Thursday: Although we didn’t have any outdoor activities planned, we decided to make the most of the perfect week and after dinner walked about a mile to the grocery store to pick up some sweet-smelling strawberries for dessert.

Today, it was back to grey and drizzly, and the forecast for the next 8 or so days shows more of the same. I’m sure after that passes, we’ll jump right into DC’s oppressive summer. But it was nice while it lasted.



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3 responses to “Springtime…

  1. Yay al fresco dining! Melissa and I didn’t get too much use out of our porch last year since me moved into the place until the late summer/fall and winter came so early! But now that’s it been nice out (other than the rain, rain, rain !!!), we’ve been eating outside 2-3 times a week when I’m not working at night. Plus we have an outdoor herb garden now (we stole the idea from you and Adam…Melissa really liked Adam’s herby eggs, lol!), so we can grow at least some of the food we eat outside!

    – Dan

  2. Hi Steph!

    Sparring was awesome, but my left delt is still whiny.

  3. Sarah

    Move. to. California.