Adam and I don’t really do tangible gifts for birthdays and holidays, instead opting for experience gifts. Massages (for me), great seats to a Yankees game (for him), going to see Elf on Broadway (both of us)… that sort of thing. When Adam tried but was unable to get a reservation at Komi for my birthday this year (reservations fill up FAST and are hard to come by), we immediately decided that we would try to go for his birthday. (And seeing how it was the big 3-0, it was probably a more appropriate occasion anyway.) I called in for reservations exactly 30 days out from the week of his birthday and managed to score a reservation for this past Tuesday night (the day after his birthday).

At Komi, there are no printed menus. Instead, they provide a series of small mezze, building up to 2-3 entree type dishes, and then finishing with desserts. (Yes, plural.) While you don’t order off of a menu, when I made my reservations, I was asked about any allergies, dietary restrictions, and even food preferences. I let them know that I was a vegetarian, but Adam would eat anything. She followed up with asking whether I ate eggs and/or dairy, and also whether we were celebrating any special occasion.

When we arrived at dinner, our waiter explained the structure of the meal to us, confirmed that I was a vegetarian and explained how my courses would mirror, but obviously be different, than Adam’s (as I note with an “A” or “S” below), and again asked whether we had any food preferences. I decided not to let him know I wasn’t a big mushroom fan, just because I felt like at a place like this, I wanted to see what the chef would do. I also knew there would be more than enough food that I wouldn’t go hungry by not eating every bite of every course.

I’m not a food blogger, so I’m not going to go into much detail about the individual dishes, but I just want to get this down somewhere so I can look back on it and think, oh yes, that was one delicious meal. I am definitely forgetting key parts of each dish and my bastardized names for them will not do them justice.

Here’s what Adam and I came up with on the cab ride home…

First Course: bite-sized brioche with yogurt and salmon roe (A); bite-sized brioche with yogurt and sea beans (S)

Second Course: duo of raw fish (A); duo of radishes (S)

Third Course: duo of scallop (A); duo of mushrooms (S)
+ I actually ate the mushrooms! One was a very thin slice of mushroom that had been smoked and went with a coconut puree, the other was pickled. Prepared this way, neither had the weird chewy consistency that I dislike in mushrooms.

Fourth Course: burrata with asparagus two ways (shaved and roasted)
+ Oh my heavens, this was AH-MAZE-ING.

Fifth Course: spanikopita bites
+ Sadly, only one each, because I could easily have eaten a plateful. They basically were these little fried balls with liquid creamed spinach inside.

Sixth Course: egg ravioli (we actually had two different sauces/toppings, but I can’t remember what they were)

Seventh Course: half smoke (A); chickpea fritters (S)

Eighth Course: foie gras (A); avocado with… something (S)
+ Oops, I totally forgot what this course was!

Ninth Course: marscapone stuffed roasted dates
+ I’d read about these and was really hoping they would make an appearance on our menu, and they absolutely did not disappoint!

Moving on to the entree courses:

Tenth Course: pasta with seafood ragu and fried caper berries (A); yukon gold potato gnocchi (S)
+ The gnocchi was very good, but Adam claimed the pasta in his dish was the best he’d ever had.

Eleventh Course: roast suckling pig (A); crispy fried mushroom and roasted potatoes (S); both served with homemade pita, tzatziki, radish and red onion salad, sliced pepperdews, and some sort of savory jam (Horseradish? I don’t know, but it was delicious.)
+ I didn’t like the mushrooms as much in this one. It was one of those ruffly mushrooms and I ate the crispy edges, but didn’t like the stem-part, but that’s just my personal mushroom hang-up. I actually think the chickpea fritters I had a few courses earlier would have been perfect here. Adam could have died a happy, happy man eating his baby pig. (And wasn’t deterred in the least by my comments on how the crispy pig skin he was eating was the same thing used to make footballs.)

Even though we didn’t do the wine pairing, they brought us each a complimentary (and complementary!) glass of dessert wine to have with these dishes.

Twelfth Course: biscuit/shortcake bite with a sweetened, creamy cheese

Thirteenth Course: olive oil gelato, balsamic-glazed strawberries, and a lemon shortbread cookie
+ Olive oil gelato? Who knew? (It was delicious.)

Fourteenth Course: salted caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter torte(?) (I don’t know the best way to describe this; it was three layers with a crispy peanut butter layer on the bottom, chocolate ganache type later in the middle, topped with salted caramel); caramelized banana and coconut sorbet
+ If you were to ask me my favorite dessert flavors, I would probably list: salted caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut and banana. So basically, this was heaven on a plate for me. Seriously, my eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger as the waiter described the course… my mouth may have even fallen open. Adam just started laughing at me after the waiter left, while I was staring, eyes wide and mouth agape, in disbelief at the awesomeness that graced my plate.

Fifteenth Course: elderberry lollipops that came with the check (I think it’s elderberry… I know it’s some sort of unusual flavor and a quick Google search tells me that’s one of the flavors he makes)
+ we still have to eat these!

Special Bonus Birthday Treat: cardamom scented “Rolos”

We decided against the wine pairing, but each chose a Hitachino Nest beer (witbier for me, IPA for him). The sommelier carded us, then handed us back our IDs with an embarrassed apology, noting that we both looked a lot younger than we are, and commenting that he was actually six months younger than Adam. HA!

If you ever have the opportunity to go out for one amazing, splurgeriffic meal, this is the place you should go… and it is worth every penny.



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5 responses to “Komi

  1. Oh, my God. Just reading this makes me want to go again. I especially want that burrata and that peanut butter dessert sounds like something Mark would kill a man for. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Liz

    We went to Komi for our anniversary and loved it. I would love to go again but will probably only do very special occasions considering the price tag!

  3. One of my favorite meals, ever, in DC.