101 in 1001: Monthly Update

One of my resolutions this year was to check off five of my 101 in 1001 goals each month. I pretty much failed at this for the first three months of the year, so for April I set out five specific goals I wanted to tackle. And then… I did terribly at those, too! Oops!

Yoga 3X/week: I tried this one, I really did. But I had runners’ knee (at least, I think a mild case of it, according to Dr. Google) following the half marathon at the end of March and doing yoga aggravated this terribly! Seriously, my knee would get stiff and a little sore after running, but after yoga I was in pain. That is SO not the point of yoga, so I scrapped this after my third yoga session left me crying.

Send a care package: I thought about this one. I even knew what I wanted to send and to whom! I just… didn’t actually follow through. This is not what is meant by the saying, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Complete a 500+ piece puzzle: No excuses. I have the puzzle sitting in a box, unopened.

Go to a museum: Did this! We went to the Crime and Punishment museum. I thought it was really interesting, but I’m glad that we had a Groupon (or some other such coupon) for it. Living in DC, I hate having to pay for museums!

Go the entire month without buying clothes: Did this one, too!

Even though I didn’t cross everything off the list, I think it definitely helps to have a plan of attack for each month. Here are my five May goals:

Yoga 3X/week: Hopefully I don’t have any knee problems this time around.

Send a care package: For real this time!!

Complete a 500+ piece puzzle: Ditto.

Try a Bikram yoga class: I’m kind of nervous about this, because I overheat/dehydrate easily. I’ve heard such good things about it from several friends though, it seems like my time off from training for a race would be a good time to tackle this. Any advice from those who’ve gone before?

Send a letter to a friend: I count the letters I sent to my grandmother (she’s a friend!) last year as one of my resolutions and sort of lost track along the way of how many times I’ve completed this task, so I may be closer to my goal than I think. But sending extra letters certainly doesn’t hurt anyone.



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2 responses to “101 in 1001: Monthly Update

  1. Daniel

    Never done Bikram Yoga before, but I work with a woman who does it…. her advice is to be careful and listen to your body. Yoga was developed in climates where the temperature rarely dips belows 80 degrees farenheit. Muscles stretch and stay looser in warm environments. However, many Bikram yoga classes are conducted at over 100 degrees and 60% humidity. You will sweat, sweat, and sweat some more. You must drink a lot of fluids (she says 12-16 oz water every 30 minutes, if not more). If you get lightheaded, stop and rest while you sip some water. When you feel better, you can continue. She did say that many first timers who push it have been known to pass out….over time, if you keep practicing you develop a “tolerance” to the heat and humidity. Let me know how it goes…sounds interesting, but I like Melissa’s yoga videos with the cute lady in tights :)
    – D.

    • Stephanie

      I have a few friends who do Bikram yoga. They said that it’s totally acceptable to just take a break and lie down when you need to. I know you need to go regularly to get the most benefits out of it, but it’s pretty expensive around here. As long as we have our regular gym membership, I probably won’t be able to go as regularly as I need to. I still want to check it out and see what it’s all about, though.