And so it begins…

This past weekend was the first of several in the upcoming months in which I have already-scheduled plans. Expect many frazzled, whirl-windy recaps!

It started on Friday, with the third installment of the Crystal Run 5K Fridays. We finally had nice weather (after the first two windy, chilly, sometimes rainy races) and, consequently, several hundred more people showed up for this race than the previous two. I was running late to the race and got to the starting line after everyone was already lining up. I just sort of jumped right in from where I was standing and the race started less than a minute later. It wasn’t until the race started that I realized that I had started way too far back in the pack, and I spent the first mile weaving in and out of people. I managed to have a fairly decent time for the first mile, considering, but I’m sure I ended up adding a few seconds to my time as a result. I tried to just sort of hang back and just pick up the pace after it thinned out, but after getting stuck behind strollers and people walking with balloons (seriously?!), I couldn’t take it anymore and the bobbing and weaving began. As per usual, my second mile was the slowest (I swear, their second mile marker has got to be in the wrong spot, because it is significantly slower than the other two miles every time and there’s no hill or any significant change in the course during that mile and I don’t have that issue in other 5Ks), but I ended up finishing strong, with a final time of 29:21. Two seconds off my fastest 5K, which I’m pretty sure I could have beaten if I had started further up at the line. Oh well, hopefully next week!

5k Fridays 2011: Race Three
Distance: 5K/3.1 miles
Time: 29:21
Pace: 9:27/mile

(Adam broke 21 minutes, setting his own PR in this race. That’s 6:45 pace!)

After the race, we went home where I iced my knee. Dr. Google tells me it’s runner’s knee, which I can apparently run through just fine (for now, anyway), but my knee tends to tighten up and hurt for a few hours after running, and then stay stiff for a few days after that. (And, oddly, it really hurts after yoga, so I’m going to do my 3-days-a-week yoga challenge another month.) I’m only planning on running the 5Ks we’ve already got planned (and paid for) the rest of this month, and then give it a few more weeks rest if it needs it. We don’t start any distance training again until July, so hopefully it’ll be good and healed by then. May and June will be focused on strength training, which should help prevent runner’s knee in the future.

Friday night, Adam and I went to a local Mexican restaurant, where our waiter enjoyed the fact that we had (our second) margaritas for dessert. My parents arrived at our place around 11pm and we all turned in pretty quickly, so that we could get up early and hit the road to… Virginia Beach!

Us, and the rest of the world, apparently. I-95 was a mess and it took us over 7 hours to make the typically 4 hour trip.

And then, when we arrived, it was just in time for tornado warnings! We spent our evening playing board games with the local news on in the background, which was covering all the storm and tornado destruction in the area (including a middle school that was just destroyed… thank goodness it was a weekend!), watching the constant lightning in the distance. Luckily (especially because we didn’t realize the house had storm shutters until the morning), the storms never got that close to us. There was one, long thunder roll that shook the house for about ten seconds, but that wast the worst of it.

Sunday morning, we got up early. My dad made us all pancakes (both blueberry and Reese’s peanut butter cup… oh yes, he did); we took a walk on the beach; we read our books out in the sunshine, listening to the waves crashing and birds chirping; we ate cheese and crackers for lunch; we played another few rounds of Bananagrams. Then, sadly, Adam and I had to pack our bag and head home. (My parents are staying for the whole week.)

We made much better time on our way home, hitting only a few small patches of traffic here and there, stopping in Fredericksburg for dinner and ice cream (no beach vacation is complete without ice cream!).

Considering how much we crammed into this weekend, it actually was quite relaxing. There’s nothing quite like lounging around a beach house with nothing to do to restore some inner calm and sanity… much needed, considering everything I have planned in the upcoming weeks!


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