2011 Resolutions: January-March

A quick review on how I’ve been doing on my 2011 Resolutions:

1. I resolve to become fitter, faster, stronger.
Fitter: I haven’t managed to lose any weight (supposedly, it can be difficult to do so when training for a long distance race), but I did manage to at least stay about the same and have to buy a new pair of jeans in a smaller size. Small victories!
Faster: So far, I’ve PR’d in the 4 mile and half marathon distances. I’m hoping to PR in the 5K and 10 mile distances in April.
Stronger: I was doing well with strength training for about a month there, but I fell off a bit as I started to have to run longer distances in my race training. For the most part, we have April off from our long distance training (we’re basically already all trained up for the GW Classic 10 Miler), so I’m hoping to focus more on strength training and cross training in April.

2. I resolve to do five things from my “101 things in 1001 days” list each month. Oof… I have been doing terribly at this. I’ll really need to pick it up if I want to get to all 101 before the end date! I think I need to start setting out some specific monthly goals in advance, rather than just winging it and hoping I cross some items off the list. For April, I’m going to try to do yoga 3X/week for the whole month, send a care package or two (want one?), complete a 500+ puzzle, go to a museum, and go the entire month without buying any clothes (spending gift cards for clothing stores excluded).

3. I resolve to leave my work at the office. I have actually been doing really, really well at this goal! Even though I had a trial scheduled for early February, I managed to turn off my work brain while I was home during that crazy time. This has had a huge positive impact on lowering my stress/anxiety levels. I am actually a bit surprised by how well I did at this. (Things are comparatively slow and boring at work these days, so it’s not really as much of an issue right now.)



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2 responses to “2011 Resolutions: January-March

  1. Good for you. I keep resolving to be better at resolutions. Maybe someday…

  2. I love the idea of 101 new things in 1001 days. And it’s so impressive that you’re still sticking to the project, almost two years later! Here’s to finishing by the end date :)