Race Recap: Four Courts Four Miler

This past weekend, Adam and I ran the Four Courts Four Miler, which is a St. Patrick’s-themed race right in our neighborhood! (It only takes us about 10 minutes (uphill) to walk to the race start… a nice little warm-up!)

One of my goals for this year is to set a PR in every distance race I run. My four miler PR going into this race was 40:54, which I ran in this race last year. I had forgotten to look up what time I needed to beat before this Saturday’s race, but I knew it was 40 minutes-something, so I knew I had to at least run it in at least 39:59.

The course is an out an back, first mile downhill, middle two miles are mostly flat with a few slight rolling hills, and the last mile is almost all uphill. I actually felt like I was taking the first mile a little slow… until I got to the mile marker and saw that I ran the first mile in 8:37. Well, then! I don’t remember my exact splits for the last three miles, but I think they were about 9:15-9:30 and my last mile was around 10:30. I finished at 37:58, taking nearly 3 minutes off my previous PR!

One of the features of this race is that you can “leap the leprechaun” — a local elite runner who starts the race 15 minutes after everyone else and still beats about half the pack! Last year, Adam barely beat him (although I think he only left 5 or 6 minutes after the start) and I was way, way behind. This year, with the added advantage, I beat the leprechaun (by about a minute) and got a water bottle as my prize!

Distance: 4 Miles
Time: 37:58
Pace: 9:30/mile

Next race: The National Half Marathon. I wasn’t able to qualify for it last year, but with my increased pace last year, I actually met the qualifying times for several distances! My goal is to go under 2:30, but I think I may be able to go even faster than that. I’ll be running it with my friend Carolyn, who is actually running the FULL marathon. She’s faster than I am, so she’ll help me meet my goal, and I’ll keep her pace for the first half so she can finish strong! (At least, that’s our plan… assuming I don’t fall behind before we get to my finish line.)


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