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10 Goals for 2010: A Recap

I was quite ambitious this year, setting 10 goals for 2010. I didn’t meet all of my goals, but I think I made an improvement in each area at least. As you’ll see, I did much better on my year-long goals than my monthly goals. I’ve already got my 2011 goals in mind and will be putting those up in a few days.

Five Year-Long Goals:
1. Run an 8:30 mile. — Yes!
2. Run a half marathon. — Yes!
3. Get back to my law school graduation weight. — Halfway there! Which is better than nowhere near there, right?
4. Take a class, any class. Cooking, art, photography… something. — Went to a wine and cheese class with a bunch of girlfriends. So much fun, and delicious.
5. Handle stress and anxiety better. — For the most part, I think I did this. Work got very stressful in the last quarter of the year, but my reactions could have been a lot, lot worse. I think I handled things better this year than I would have in the past.
Five Monthly Goals:
6. Send my grandmother a card or letter every month. — I came pretty close. I think I sent her a card for each of the first several months. Then I fell off the wagon a bit… does a wedding invite and thank you card count?
7. Remember to send birthday cards to friends and family. — Again, did pretty well for most of the year, but when work started getting insane, this fell by the wayside. Next year!
8. Set a monthly fitness goal and accomplish it. — Yet again, good for the first half of the year, not so much for the second. But I did set a 5K PR, run my first half marathon, and meet my ATM goal (and PR).
9. Clean the apartment once a week. — HA! Hahahahaha! Okay, but seriously? We did an okay job at keeping the apartment clean when we were in town on a regular basis. (Just don’t go into our second bedroom, aka, wedding dumping ground.)
10. Read two books a month. — I don’t think I met this goal ever, but I did read more this year than any other year in recent history (not counting schoolbooks).

Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2010? How successful were you at meeting/keeping them?


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