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Crystal City Twilighter

It topped 100 degrees yesterday. It was still 96 at 8pm. Yet, Adam and I were crazy enough to go ahead and run complete the Crystal City Twilighter last night. We’d already paid for it as part of our race package and we’d received an email from the coordinator basically challenging us to run our slowest 5K ever. Well, okay, I could do that.
We ran slowly jogged 2/3 of the race and walked the rest. Well, we did actually run the last .25 miles or so, but most of it we just plodded along slowly. My goal was to finish without throwing up, passing out, or ending up with a raging headache for the rest of the night. Success! (I also got to eat some Fig Newtons and we grabbed some bananas for the rest of the weekend. Bonus!)
They actually broke down our mile-by-mile stats, so I’ve added those into my usual recap:
Distance: 3.1 miles
Mile 1: 11:32 (jogged the entire way)
Mile 2: 13:29 (mostly jogged)
Mile 3: 14:41 (mostly walked)
Final 0.1: 0:51 (run!)
Total Time: 40:32
Pace: 13:03/mile
They’ve screwed up my age on every race so far. Because we signed up for all the year’s races before March (where they asked for our age and birthday, but apparently ignored the latter), they’d had my age as 29 in every race up through this one, even though I was already 30. Apparently they had to enter in our info all over again for the year’s second-half races, and I am now 39 . I was a little upset, but damn do I look good for a 39 year old! (Although I’m still slower than most of the 35-39 age group.)



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Independence Day 5000

I hadn’t run much since the half marathon… only four miles, actually… leading up to Friday evening’s race. Thankfully, the weather was pretty mild for a July evening, especially considering the crazy hot and humid weather we’d had all June. (And by “mild,” I mean “under 85 degrees and low humidity.”) I wore a watch, but never saw mile marker 1 and after that decided not to even check my watch until I got to mile 3. My goal was really just to finish without walking, which I did!
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 32:36
Pace: 10:30/mile

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