5k Fridays 2010: Race One

Adam and I are doing the 5K Fridays again this year (hence, adding “2010” to the title of this post), and we’ve even managed to convince a few friends to join us. The first race was this past Friday and the turn out was much larger than last year. There were over 900 runners and walkers this time! (Last year, the first race had 338 runners and walkers.) I’m guessing there will be even more this weekend and as the weeks go on.
Our friends Carolyn and Nick ran the race with us. It was Carolyn’s first race ever, but she’s faster than I am so I had to keep up with her! Actually, I’m pretty sure she had to slow down to run with me… either way, it was the second fastest 5K race I’ve ever run. (I finished my first one ever in 31:00 – exactly 10:00/mile pace.) Carolyn and I caught up to Nick somewhere in mile 2, and he tried to sprint ahead of us towards the end, but Carolyn ended up catching him right at the finish line. (I was a few seconds behind them, getting boxed in behind a few people when I took the tight last turn of the race.) I’m pretty sure Carolyn’s going to beat him next time.
(For those of you who are wondering, Adam kicked all of our asses by a good 8.5 minutes.)
Distance: 5K/3.1 miles
Time: 31:10
Pace: 10:02/mile
Next race: The second 5K Friday. Maybe I’ll break 10 minute pace this time!


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