At Least We Both Passed Abstract Algebra…

Adam and I have friends staying with us for the week while they are apartment hunting, so we’ve had to do a bit of a juggling act with the key situation. We have two sets of apartment keys; each set includes a key to our apartment, the fob to get into the building and use the elevator, and a car key. Only one set also contains the garage access button and the mail key. This is the set I usually carry, because I’m better at remembering to check the mail. (And also, it’s technically my car, even though we share driving duties.) Because I usually carry this set, I have a bunch of those “club” cards on it — library, Giant, CVS, our gym.
We’ve been letting our friends have the set without the garage button and the mail key (and all my club cards) for the week, and so far we’ve been managing the coordination of the keys successfully. I took my key set to work today, planning on going to the gym straight after work for a Body Pump class. But Adam and his coworkers decided to leave work early today and play basketball (jealous… well, of leaving work early and being outside, not playing basketball), so he needed to come get my keys from me so he could go home and change and then take the car out to the basketball courts. (Our friends were out looking at apartments and couldn’t let him in.) Adam planned on meeting me at the gym after basketball, but I needed my gym card to be able to get into the gym right after work.
I met Adam in the lobby of our office building, and we stood there coordinating our afternoon plans. He took the keys from me, and then we discussed how he was going to get them back to me before I went to the gym… he still needed the car key, so maybe when he dropped them off, he’d take the car key off the ring…. oh, but what about needing the garage key in case he had to go back home before the gym, he’d have to take that off too… but would he be late to basketball if he had to come back to my office first…
Almost a full minute, we went back and forth like this. (Not to mention our previous chats this afternoon trying to coordinate.)
Then, silently, I took the keys back, took off my gym club card, and handed the keys back to him. We both started laughing.
Sometimes, I wonder how we are able to function in society.



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2 responses to “At Least We Both Passed Abstract Algebra…

  1. daniel o'leary

    I do stuff like that all the time. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, huh?

  2. Sarah

    You know you can get keys copied right? :-P