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10 Goals for 2010

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful night, whether you were out partying until the wee hours of the morning, or were nice and comfy in bed hours before the ball dropped. 2009 was a fantastic year for me, but I hope 2010 can be even better! But it won’t be without a little work, of course…

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I am a resolution girl. I know lots of people don’t bother, or give up within a few weeks, but I love goals, challenges, plans and lists. Annual (or monthly) resolutions are, understandably, right up my alley.
I’ve decided this year to come up with 10 goals for 2010, five year-long goals and five monthly goals. My five year-long resolutions are things I’ve wanted to accomplish for quite some time, but I just haven’t tackled yet. The kind of things I keep pushing off until “later” or “sometime” or “eventually.” Things that in my head, I claim to be working towards, but in reality I’m not doing much about. My five monthly resolutions are geared toward self-improvement. I’m hoping to develop habits that will bring who I am now more in line with the person I’d like to be.
Five Year-Long Goals:
1. Run an 8:30 mile. — done!
2. Run a half marathon.
3. Get back to my law school graduation weight. (The stress of unemployment and two bar exams packed on the pounds, but it’s been 2.5 years since my last bar exam and only excuses since then.)
4. Take a class, any class. Cooking, art, photography… something.
5. Handle stress and anxiety better. (This one is sort of wishy-washy and impossible to really measure, but 2010 has the potential to become quite stressful and I need to be proactive about not letting it get to me.)
Five Monthly Goals:
6. Send my grandmother a card or letter every month.
7. Remember to send birthday cards to friends and family.
8. Set a monthly fitness goal and accomplish it.
9. Clean the apartment once a week.
10. Read two books a month.



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