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How We Spent the Blizzard of 2009…

(Yes, I realize that a post about our huge snowstorm is old news by now, but I haven’t been able to write about it until now. Hope you understand. I’ve got photos to make it up to you!)

Those of you who didn’t live through it firsthand may have heard that DC was hit by a HUGE snowstorm the weekend before Christmas. It started Friday night, and while we were out walking about town (hopping from my work party to a going away party), I told Adam that I wanted to get bundled up and go out and play in the snow on Saturday.

Saturday morning came and Adam and I bundled up… ski pants and jacket, boots, two pairs of gloves, fleece jacket, hat. We took along the camera (in a ziploc bag) and got a couple of fun shots of the snow.
Here’s a shot of the Iwo Jima memorial…

Seriously, how cool is it that this is practically in my backyard? It takes us less than 10 minutes to get over there.

We made snow angels…


We pretended to ride the weird lion statues…

And this

… this would be the spot where Adam tackled me to the ground (gently, there was two feet of snow) and asked me to marry him. (If you angle your computer screen just right, you might be able to see our imprints in the fresh snow.)

I said yes.



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