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Punkin Chunkin!

This past weekend, three cars-full of us headed up to Delaware to see some flying pumpkins, eat pumpkin funnel cake, tailgate with some hot dogs and beer, and try not to get beat up by the many, many, many people flying Confederate flags that we kept mocking. (I’m sorry, but Confederate flags? Really? I just will never understand that.) There were easily at least twenty times more people there this year than last year, probably because we went on a Saturday this year and people were camping out overnight (or had the day before) and the weather was fantastic. Last year, we went on Sunday, the last day of the Chunkin, and the weather was grey and very chilly. It took us just over two hours to get to our meet up destination… the Sonic three miles down the road from the Chunkin. It then took us about two and a half hours to go those last three miles to go park in a field (with many, many pick-up trucks)… although these might have been some of the most entertaining hours of the day.

The four people on the right of this photo rode in the same car. These are the same four people who all came down with the swine flu within 48 hours of that trip.

Our obligatory arms-length shot. Seriously, we have dozens of these.

We bought a giant Wild Bill’s souvenir mug and filled it up with some root beer with a splash of vanilla creme. Upon further inspection, our Wild Bill’s souvenir mug had a logo for an event in Saratoga Springs two weekends before, instead of an actual logo for the Pumpkin Chunkin. Hmm. Perhaps we should have asked for a discount.

Okay, so Adam and I were walking back to the cars for the tailgating portion of the afternoon and I paused to attempt to take a photo of the trebuchets, catapults, etc. that were all lined up and finishing their portion of the competition. As you can see from this shot, there is one large parking lot between us and the machines. Obviously, the machines are facing away from the cars and are supposed to shoot straight in front of them. Behind us, were at least six more rows of cars before you even got to where our car was (maybe even double that). We stopped to watch one that was powered by someone pedaling a bike until the machine was as wound up as it could go… and the pumpkin went flying BEHIND US! Seriously, it flew OVER that huge parking lot and into the lot right behind us. If the machine had been turned around, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would have placed. Unfortunately, you don’t get points for going backwards. (Also, Adam and I are pretty sure this is the same machine that shot a pumpkin backwards last year too.)

Lessons learned:
If you go to the Chunkin on Saturday, GO EARLY.
People from Delaware think they are from the South and fly their Confederate flags, even though Delaware was part of the Union.
Sonic cherry limeade is fizzy.
Swine flu is very contagious… if you share car space, chapstick and bottles.
Double-check your souvenir mugs before you spend way too much money on them.
Look out for pumpkins flying backwards when the machine is wound by bicycle power.


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