Army Ten Miler

You guys, I did it. I ran ten miles. TEN FREAKING MILES! And not only that, but I beat my original time goal that I had set before I started my training of two hours (12 min/mile pace). My 7, 8 and 9 mile long runs had all been between 12:20 and 13 minute pace, so I figured there was no way I was actually going to finish all ten miles in under two hours. So after those couple of runs, I had revised my goal to finish in 2:10, which would be 13 min/mile pace.
And then today, I ran the first five miles at 11:15 pace. I could not believe I kept up that pace for so long, and I realized two hours might be within my reach. For the second half of the race, I allowed myself to walk at the start of each mile for 1-2 minutes. During my training runs, I’d really hit a wall once I got to 7 miles, probably because the farthest I’d ever run before this training was 6. Today, I didn’t hit my wall until I started the last mile. I ended up walking a decent amount of mile 10, and I was sure that there was no way I was going to be able to run enough of it to get in under two hours.
Then, I passed some of the race workers who said there was only 500 yards to go. I looked at my watch… 1:56:30. 500 yards is just over a quarter mile… I could do that in 3:30 minutes if I kicked it in. I worried they weren’t really telling us the truth. (I mean, there were some people saying “You’re almost done!” at mile 6. Yeah, right.) But, I started jogging again and when I turned the corner, I could see the finish line in my sights. I always somehow manage to have a burst of energy at the end and I ran it all the way in.
Under two hours.
My feet now feel like they are about to fall off. I have ridiculous chafing on my thighs because my legs stopped sweating at mile 8. I’m dead tired.
But I did it. I set my mind to it, trained hard for a few months, and ran TEN FREAKING MILES.
And now, I’m taking next week off from running.
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:59:29
Pace: 11:56/mile



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  1. Congratulations! You rule!