101 in 1001 Update

I’ve decided to use the upcoming month, October, to tackle a few of my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I want to write them down here so I remember to try to complete them this month. It’s great to have a list and all saying that I plan to accomplish these things by such and such date, but I need to actually put a plan in place if it’s going to happen. If this works well, I might try to make a plan of attack for meeting some of these goals at the beginning of each month.

For October, I plan to complete:
1. Run a 10-miler. (Barring injury or illness, this should occur next Sunday.)
14. Stay within Spark calories for an entire week.
29. Create a “cast of characters” page.
35. Update my address book.
60. Get an hourly bonus. (Technically, I should be receiving a bonus for July-September, but I don’t receive it until October.)
61. Read a non-fiction book
79. Go to a winery.
99. Bring lunch to work every day for a month.
Stay tuned to see how I do!


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