Going the Distance…

I just ran (slash-walked) the farthest I’ve ever run (slash-walked) before… seven miles. My legs are TIRED. I finished in just under an hour and a half, about 5 minutes slower that my goal pace is for the ten miler (I hope to finish in 2 hours). The run itself wasn’t that bad… my legs got tired towards the last third, but were capable of running. The problem is that I overheat so easily. This is one reason I do a lot of runs on the treadmill… even though it can be 74 degrees in the gym and outside, having the sun beat down me is just totally draining. I used the Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunblock, which claims that it is “ultra sweatproof,” and I was blinded by sweat and sunscreen in my eyes within the first mile. I’m sure the product works fine for the average person; I bought it after reading a lot of positive reviews about it (and having a coupon), but I’m just using this as an example of how much I sweat. Keep in mind, at this point, it was about 70 degrees. It’s that bad.
Aside from basically drowning in my own sweat, the run/walk went pretty well. It’s really hard to complain when my run takes me past Arlington Cemetery, over the river, around the Lincoln Memorial, past the World War II memorial and Washington Monument, past the Smithsonians… it’s quite the scenic run. It didn’t feel like I was running for an hour and a half (although my legs may beg to differ). I still can’t believe I have to eventually run THREE more miles than that though… in just four weeks!
Next weekend, I’ll be up in NYC and we’re going to run our EIGHT miles in Central Park.


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  1. Call me impressed! I recently just finished a 5K and I was pretty excited about that. 10 miles sounds way too far to me!