In-N-Out… Grilled Cheese?

(Believe it or not, I actually put all my photos from my trip (and anything else since last October that was still on there) on my computer within a week of getting home. Now I am just in the process of organizing them all. Here are a few from our trip.)

While in San Diego, I went to my very first In-N-Out Burger.

I got a grilled cheese, Adam got a burger “animal style,” and we split fries.

They really put a lot on their grilled cheeses… I had to figure out the best way to approach it without dropping half the toppings.

I think I got it.

And a nice cold root beer to wash it all down.
(More vacation recaps to come… including photos from the no-hitter we saw in San Francisco last Friday!)



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3 responses to “In-N-Out… Grilled Cheese?

  1. NickGB

    But what everyone wants to know…how does it compare to the grilled cheese at Five Guys?

  2. Daniel

    A Mets fan your whole life and all you had to do to see a no-hitter was go all the way out to San Fransisco?

  3. Sarah

    Mmmm…you are making me hungry.
    We had so much fun with you guys! And, we’ve (and by we I mean Rob) already made three meals from the cookbook. Very yummy, thanks again!