5k Fridays: Race Five

Yes, I know… the race was 5 days ago, but I did it! I ran all five 5k races! And miraculously, given the horrible weather we had in April, it didn’t rain during a single one. (Shortly before and/or after, yes… but never during.)

I ran the last race in 35:25, or 11:24 mile pace. It was very humid that day and I had to do a lot more walking than usual because I kept feeling a little dizzy and nauseous. Adam’s mom and sister were coming into town just an hour later and we had fancy dinner plans, so I didn’t want to feel like crap for the whole evening. I’d also done a legs session of my weight training just a couple days before the race, so I don’t think they were quite recovered.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the results. Even though I peaked at Race 3, and my last race was by far my slowest, I’m still pleased that I completed all five races. People thought we were a little crazy for spending our Friday nights running, but Adam and I are pretty proud of ourselves.

This Sunday morning, we have another 5k. It’s pretty much all downhill, so I’m hoping it’s my fastest race yet. :-) Then I’ll be done with races until June, when I’ll run the Race for the Cure if I don’t end up going out of town. (My dad and I were going to sign up for a race when he’s in town next weekend for my brother’s graduation, but now I think we’ll be too busy with other things to actually run it.)

This 5k thing… totally addicting, I tell ya.
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Time: 35:25
Pace: 11:24/mile


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