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Sixth in Six Weeks (And Last One for a While)…

Yesterday, we ran yet another 5k. This one is one of my favorites, for two reasons: (1) it is right through my neighborhood, and (2) it is almost entirely downhill or flat (except the last .2 miles or so). My goal was to go under 31 minutes, but I went over by 11 seconds. It’s kind of frustrating, because that basically means if I had run 20 more seconds and walked 20 seconds less, then I’d have met my goal. I’m still pretty happy about it though.
One thing that I’ve noticed is that my recovery after each race is better each week. When we first started this six weeks ago, I would be just exhausted after the race. We’d just come home and crash on the couches for our Friday night, too tired to even decide what to have for dinner. Last week, we were able to rush home, shower, change and then go out to a fancy dinner with Adam’s sister and mom. This week, we got home and were out the door to brunch by 10:30. Even though I was tired yesterday afternoon, I think that probably had more to do with spending so much time outside this weekend and two late nights. I’ve definitely seen some improvement in my endurance and recovery over the past month and a half, which feels good after not being able to run for so many months.
Which actually leads me to another thing I’m quite happy about — my leg seems to be truly healed. The past two races, since I’ve had my orthotic inserts, I’ve had zero lower leg pain. I know I can’t rush back into running 30 miles a week (even if I was fit enough for it, which I’m probably not), but now I’m not so worried that my leg isn’t properly healed and I started back too soon. Now I feel like I can start increasing my mileage a little bit, week by week.
Well, this ends my string of 5ks. My dad and I were going to run one next weekend while he’s in town, but the rest of our weekend is just so completely jam-packed, it’d probably stress us (and my mom) out too much, so we decided against it. I’m still up in the air on the Race for the Cure, just because there is a chance I won’t be in town that weekend. I’m in good enough shape that I can just sign up for that one the week of, if necessary. So now, I’m just back to running for running, not with hundreds of other people around me. Hopefully I can stay motivated to keep getting better each week.
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Time: 31:11
Pace: 10:02/mile


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5k Fridays: Race Five

Yes, I know… the race was 5 days ago, but I did it! I ran all five 5k races! And miraculously, given the horrible weather we had in April, it didn’t rain during a single one. (Shortly before and/or after, yes… but never during.)

I ran the last race in 35:25, or 11:24 mile pace. It was very humid that day and I had to do a lot more walking than usual because I kept feeling a little dizzy and nauseous. Adam’s mom and sister were coming into town just an hour later and we had fancy dinner plans, so I didn’t want to feel like crap for the whole evening. I’d also done a legs session of my weight training just a couple days before the race, so I don’t think they were quite recovered.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the results. Even though I peaked at Race 3, and my last race was by far my slowest, I’m still pleased that I completed all five races. People thought we were a little crazy for spending our Friday nights running, but Adam and I are pretty proud of ourselves.

This Sunday morning, we have another 5k. It’s pretty much all downhill, so I’m hoping it’s my fastest race yet. :-) Then I’ll be done with races until June, when I’ll run the Race for the Cure if I don’t end up going out of town. (My dad and I were going to sign up for a race when he’s in town next weekend for my brother’s graduation, but now I think we’ll be too busy with other things to actually run it.)

This 5k thing… totally addicting, I tell ya.
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Time: 35:25
Pace: 11:24/mile

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