5K Fridays: Race Three

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I managed to better my time again. This time, I ran it in 32:44 — more than a minute faster than the last race. I ran the first mile in 9:40, which included walking for one minute. There were even more people this week than last (just about 500) and the group went out fast. It didn’t feel as fast as it was though. I was really shocked when I saw that I finished that first mile so quickly. I felt more comfortable about taking a one minute walking break every five minutes after that.
My left calf was a little tight before the race started, but loosened up while I was running. I made sure to cool down and stretch once the race was over, but my calf started hurting. Then the next day, my ankle felt a little tight too. Obviously, something has been wrong with my left leg for over a year now. I’ve been contemplating going to see an orthopedist or a podiatrist for a while, but with all the time I’ve had to take off work for my dentist appointments (and there are still three more!), I can’t really take off any more time for a non-urgent appointment. But it seemed like every time I fixed one problem with my leg, another popped up.
Then Sunday night, as I was standing there, barefoot, on the bathroom tile, looking at my feet, it was as though a lightbulb suddenly went on. My left foot looked… off. Flat. Crooked. Like it had eleven years ago when I had all sorts of problems with my left knee. Problems that all stemmed from a fallen arch.
Really, the only though that came to mind right then was… DUH!
So, yesterday I spent some time researching recommended insoles to correct fallen arches. After work, I stopped by my local running store and purchased some Superfeet. (I must add right here that I love, love, love knowledgeable salespeople. Seriously, they answered all my questions in deciding which pair to get without skipping a beat.) I slipped my new Superfeet insoles into my sneakers last night before hitting the gym and it was plainly obvious that the arch of my left foot had fallen. I couldn’t feel the right insole at all, but could definitely feel the left one. In a good way (I hope).
Anyway, that’s the latest in the saga of my leg injuries… hopefully I’ve found the actual source of the problem and a way to correct it. It would be so nice to finally stop dealing with these various leg injuries.
Distance: 5k (3. miles)
Time: 32:44
Pace: 10:32/mile


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