5K Fridays: Race Two

The rain actually held off until late last night and the race went off as planned. It was about 70 degrees out, and surprisingly not that humid considering the rain that was about to come. There were definitely more people this week than last week — about 430 as compared to 340.
I somehow managed to beat my time from last week. (And my timing chip worked this time, too. Apparently you need to have the chip on the top of your shoe, not the side. Hey, maybe try putting that on the instructions instead of just “tie to shoe.”) Anyway, yes… I bettered my time. At the 2 mile mark, I wasn’t so sure that was going to happen, so I really tried to pick up the pace at the end. I ended up running a 33:46. I’m still getting nervous about my leg, but it seems to be holding up. I know that a lot of people relapse their stress fractures because they do too much too soon, so I am trying to really keep my walk:run ratio even during the week. But come race time, I don’t like to take that many walking breaks. Some are good, because I always run faster after the break than if I just powered straight through, but I couldn’t convince myself to take more than 1-2 minutes of a break at a time yesterday. I could feel my leg at the injury spot, but it wasn’t really pain. I think I am just much more aware of every feeling coming out of that part of my leg now. For a while, I was confusing that with pain, but then I’d remember what it really felt like when it was injured and it is nowhere near that bad. I think this is just my legs in general wondering what this running thing is all about, didn’t we give this up 6 months ago? Not so, my friend, not so.
These races are just totally addicting. I actually emailed my dad yesterday to see if he wanted to run one with me when he is down for my brother’s graduation. If he says yes, then I am up to… get this… SEVEN 5ks in seven weeks.
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Time: 33:46
Pace: 10:52/mile


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