5K Fridays: Race One

Last Friday was the first of the five 5K Fridays. Going into the race, I set a goal for myself of 40 minutes. I hadn’t done much running since last fall and am still easing into running so that I don’t relapse my injuries, so it seemed like a decent enough pace to run/walk a 5K. My other goal was to improve my time with each subsequent race.
Well, I think there is a good chance I won’t be able to meet goal #2. The reason is, I kinda blew goal #1 out of the water.
Not that I was fast or anything. In fact, I crossed the finish line with a 78 year old man.** But, I walked a lot less than I had planned, so I ended up keeping a pretty decent pace. I finished with a time of 34:30, which comes out to about an 11:03 mile pace. About 2 minutes faster than my “lofty” goal of 13 minute miles.
I probably ran more than I should, but my leg feels fine. I am going to continue to run/walk about a 50/50 split during the week so I don’t overdo it, but plan on mostly running come Friday. Last race, I ended up running the first mile in 10:40, walking 1:20, running 5, walking 2, running 7, walking 2, running to the end. Hopefully my first mile will be faster this Friday and I’ll still take the occasional 2 minute walking breaks and still be able to beat last Friday’s time.
Distance 5k (3.1 miles)
Time: 34:21
Pace: 11:03/mile
** Good thing the 78-year-old man was running besides me, because my timing chip malfunctioned and I don’t actually show up in the race results. Luckily, I knew the approximate time that I crossed the line and the 78-year-old telling me to “kick it in!” and us “racing” to the finish line was pretty memorable (and adorable), so I could base my finishing time off of him.


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