My 1.5 Seconds of Fame…

My aunt, brother, uncle and I were on the SNY broadcast of the Mets game last night, just before the final pitch. As you can see from the looks on our faces, despite the 2 run lead, we were not too convinced there would be a happy outcome.

In fact, I was so pissed with the team that although I brought a Mets sweatshirt to the game (I always wear something team-related), I refused to put it on until they earned it. After that last pitch was thrown, I put it on. (I did wear orange though… I couldn’t be completely unsupportive.)

Each of us instantly received phone calls/texts from different people letting us know they just saw us. According to my mom, the broadcasters said something to the effect of that we were representative of all Mets fans right now — nervous and desperately wanting a win.



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4 responses to “My 1.5 Seconds of Fame…

  1. carla

    That’s awesome – I love TV sightings like this. I still have on our DVR when we were on an oriolos-nationals game and that was over a year ago. Actually that’s pretty funny that yours was also a Nationals game.

  2. Sarah

    You’re famous!

  3. Sarah

    Oh and…
    I’ve always heard you talk about your aunt, but I realize I never knew if she was your dad or mom’s sister (or maybe i just have a bad memory). But holy crap she has to be your Mom’s ’cause she looks just like her!

  4. Can I have an autograph? You do not look thrilled to be there.