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I just finished my very first 10K. My time was 67:59, which is a full 12 minutes faster than my goal. I have never run that far outside before and there are two major hills, which pretty much everyone, including me walked up. Yet, somehow I finished the race with an overall 11 minute mile pace. We actually did the first 5K in almost 30 minutes flat, which is faster than I’ve ever run a 5K before. I’m pretty much in shock. The entire time I kept telling Adam his watch was just wrong, or that we underestimated how late we were in starting the watch. But no, the official clock confirmed it. Best race of my life. :-) (Not that there are a whole lot to compare them to, but still.)
I’m officially exhausted. Even my hands are having trouble typing this, I’m so tired.
Distance: 10K (6.2 miles)
Time: 67:59
Pace: 10:56/mile



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