I realize that this in no way constitutes a legitimate post, but I’m just putting it in here for my own benefit… taking advantage of the diary-likeness of the blog.
I ran 6 miles today. Straight. For the first time ever.
Go me!
And now I’m very hungry.



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  1. bex

    that’s awesome! congrats!!!!
    i just signed up for the nyc marathon lottery…i need an excuse to start running again!

  2. Eeek… a marathon. I don’t know how you’d do it. I’m running a 10K in about two months, so that’s why I just went out and attempted 6 miles last night. So now I know it’s possible… I just have to continue to work on it so I am not completely dead afterwards.

  3. Sarah


  4. That? Is awesome. Congratulations!!